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Illegal Dismissal Lawyer

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Lawyer for illegal dismissal

One of the most common types of labor disputes is the illegal dismissal of an employee. There can be many reasons, as well as motives. But they must not allow the employer to abuse their rights. If you have been terminated unreasonably, contact an unlawful dismissal lawyer.

How can a lawyer help in a case of illegal dismissal?

According to the norms of the Labor Code, every citizen of Ukraine has the right to work. This is a basic norm that is guaranteed and protected by the state. An employer may dismiss a person only if there are reasons specified in the law:

  • absenteeism for more than 4 months;
  • non-performance of labor duties;
  • absenteeism;
  • appearing in the workplace while intoxicated.

The employer does not always need legal reasons to terminate the employment contract. Abuse of rights violates the basic rights of workers. An unlawful dismissal lawyer will restore justice and oblige the organization’s management to return the job to you.

It is noteworthy that in itself an illegal and unilateral termination of the employment contract by the employer, performed with a malicious motive, can lead to criminal liability. An unlawful dismissal attorney will use this rule if necessary if management refuses to comply with your requirements.

What will you get when you contact a lawyer for illegal dismissal?

The main benefit is that when you turn to an employment lawyer, you get the opportunity to return to your previous place of employment. Rehabilitation Attorney:

  • collect evidence of illegal dismissal;
  • refute the arguments of the employer;
  • Requires your return to the previous place.

It is also worth noting that a lawyer for illegal dismissal will demand compensation from the employer if you find yourself without income as a result of termination of employment.

If you find yourself out of work due to a unilateral decision of the employer and for no apparent reason, then contact Prikhodko & Partners, our lawyer for illegal dismissal, to restore your previous position with all due compensation.

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