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Protection of the developer’s interests during the DIAM inspection

The State Inspection of Architecture and Urban Planning (SIAM) has become one of the key tools in regulating the construction process in Ukraine. This mechanism is aimed at ensuring compliance of construction objects with all requirements of regulatory acts, technical conditions and standards.

DIAM) is a body that supervises the construction, reconstruction and restoration of objects in Ukraine in order to ensure their compliance with the requirements of legislation and regulatory and technical documentation.

The main difficulties that the developer may encounter during the DIAM inspection

Developers may encounter various difficulties during the inspection by the State Inspectorate, which are difficult to resolve without proper legal support. Some of the main challenges faced by developers during such an inspection include:

  1. Deficiencies in the documentation. Incorrectly prepared or incomplete documentation may cause claims from DIAM. This may include errors in technical calculations, incomplete information about materials or structures, or late submission of documents.
  2. Non-compliance with technical requirements. DIAM inspectors can detect non-compliance of construction objects with the technical requirements specified in the legislation or project documentation. This can occur due to construction errors or improper selection of materials.
  3. Violation of building regulations. Builders sometimes face problems related to violations of building codes and standards. This may include improper location of buildings on the site, violation of sanitary regulations, or lack of necessary building permits.
  4. Conflicts with other participants in the construction process. Disputes with other parties, such as neighbours, tenants or the local authority, may also arise during a DIAM inspection. This may require additional legal settlement.
  5. Unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes developers are faced with unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, changes in legislation or economic difficulties, which can affect the construction and the relationship with DIAM.

Solving these difficulties requires competent legal support and knowledge in the field of construction and regulation of construction activities. The company “Prykhodko and Partners” is ready to provide professional assistance to builders in solving legal issues related to DIAM verification and the construction process as a whole.

Mediation as an effective way to solve many issues

Mediation is an effective and constructive way of resolving conflicts and disputes, which is based on the joint search for solutions by the parties with the help of an independent intermediary, a mediator. This method is especially useful in solving various questions that may arise from developers during the DIAM inspection and other disputes in the construction industry.

The main benefits of mediation include:

  1. Joint search for solutions.
  2. Efficiency.
  3. Maintaining relationships.
  4. Flexibility.
  5. Privacy.

The company “Prykhodko and Partners” provides professional mediation services in the construction sector. Our qualified mediators will help you effectively and constructively resolve any disputes and conflicts that may arise in connection with DIAM inspection or construction processes.

Representation in court

Representation in court is an important component of the process of protecting the rights and interests of the developer during the inspection by the State Inspectorate of Architectural and Urban Development (DIAM) and other situations related to construction. This process requires a competent and experienced legal approach to achieve a successful outcome in court cases. Below are the key aspects of representation in court:

  1. Preparation of the case.
  2. Representation of interests in court.
  3. Argued and competent speeches.
  4. Achieving optimal results.
  5. Professionalism and efficiency.

Choose our company for representation in court, and we guarantee you high-quality and effective protection of your rights and interests in any court cases.

Legal protection from experts “Prykhodko and partners”

The company “Prykhodko and Partners” has many years of experience in providing legal services in construction matters and has a successful experience in protecting the interests of developers during DIAM inspection. Our experts will help you solve any legal issues related to this field. At the same time, the most effective and convenient options for solving problems will be offered.

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Specializes in real estate registration, solving various issues related to putting into operation, reconstruction, redevelopment, unification, division of real estate objects. Land issues, concluding agreements with real estate.

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