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Petryk Tetiana

Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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Residence permit

Petryk Tetiana
Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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There are two types of residence permit in Ukraine – permanent and temporary. In both cases, you can ask the lawyers of the migration law practice of the law firm “Prikhodko& Partners” for help in its preparation. We employ good specialists in migration law who are regularly approached by clients with similar requests. Therefore, we know well-established algorithms of actions, with the help of which you can quickly and efficiently solve the necessary issue and not get stuck in bureaucratic nuances. We offer to find out in more detail what are the grounds for obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit.

Grounds for obtaining a temporary permit

So, in this case, you can count on a permit if:

  • you are married to a person who has Ukrainian citizenship;
  • came to study on the territory of Ukraine and have relevant documents from the educational institution that confirm this;
  • came for the purpose of family reunification with a foreigner who already has a temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
  • came to our country to engage in volunteer activities, and this is confirmed by documents from the relevant public organization or charitable foundation;
  • you have an official work permit issued in accordance with current legislation;
  • you work as a correspondent who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of professional activity;
  • work in an international bank;
  • is a stateless person;
  • is a representative of the clergy of a religious organization that has the right to carry out its activities in Ukraine.


If you have any of the listed reasons, you can issue a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, and we will help you with this. As for a permanent permit, the mechanism there is somewhat more complicated and involves more serious grounds. So let’s get acquainted with them further.

Grounds for issuing a permanent residence permit

In order for you to be able to issue a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, you need:

  • to be married to a citizen of Ukraine for more than 2 years;
  • to have one of the parents who are citizens of Ukraine or to be born on the territory of Ukraine;
  • have close relatives in Ukraine (one of the parents, grandparents);
  • have a court decision establishing the fact that you were born on the territory of Ukraine;
  • invest in the Ukrainian economy from USD 100,000;
  • to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for more than 3 years (by the way, this reason is often used by foreign volunteers who liked our country);
  • have a half-brother or sister among citizens of Ukraine;
  • to be a foreign Ukrainian with the appropriate status;
  • to be a guardian or custodian of a citizen of Ukraine.


Thus, there is a fairly wide list of reasons that make it possible to issue a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

What should you know about current terms?

A temporary residence permit is issued within 15 working days from the moment you submitted the documents. It is issued for a period of 1 to 3 years. As for a permanent residence permit, it takes longer to be issued. The decision is made within 12 months, and the permit itself is issued for a period of 10 years.

Why should you use legal assistance?

In order to issue a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine, you should contact a team of specialists who regularly work in this field, because this approach will save you a lot of time and effort. We know all the important nuances, “undercurrents” and possible complications, so we are ready to give you high-quality advice so that everything goes well.

We will guide you in what package of documents is needed in your particular situation, which will greatly simplify their preparation and save you from constant visits to the State Internal Revenue Service. We are also ready to become your legal representatives in interaction with the territorial divisions of this service. Such interaction will help you do everything in a reasonable time and without wasted effort.


Extension of residence permit

No less important issue than issuing a permit is its extension. Here it is important to follow the deadlines for writing the application and submitting documents provided by the legislative norms, so that it does not happen that the term of your previous residence permit in the territory of Ukraine has expired, and your stay here has become illegal. Timely appeal to good specialists protects against such situations.

It is also worth noting that the team of the law firm “Prikhodko&Partners” provides consulting services in a format convenient for clients. It can be not only a live consultation in our office, but also interaction in a remote format. For example, video consultation may become relevant for those who are outside of Ukraine and want to find out relevant information in advance.


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