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Specializes in family law and inheritance matters

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Obtaining a certificate of a father of many children is an important step in supporting families raising three or more children in Ukraine. This certificate provides a number of benefits and benefits that help improve the socio-economic situation of large families. In this article, we will consider the procedure for obtaining a certificate of a father of many children in accordance with Ukrainian law.

In what cases should a family be considered large?

If we turn to the regulatory legal acts, namely the Law of Ukraine “On Child Protection”, a family can be considered a large family in the following cases:

  • Married spouses living together with three or more children. These may be biological children of spouses or adopted children.
  • One of the parents independently raises three or more children. This can happen as a result of divorce, death or other life circumstances where one of the parents takes on the upbringing of three or more children.
  • A family with children enrolled in full-time or dual education in general education, vocational or higher education until graduation or until they reach the age of 23. This means that if a family has three or more children who continue their education after the age of 18, they are also considered large families.

Thus, in order to obtain a certificate of a father with many children, the family is first recognized as having many children.

Which authorities should apply for registration of the status of a large family?

  • TsNAP;
  • Structural subdivisions of bodies for social protection of the population;
  • Executive bodies of rural, settlement, city councils of united territorial communities.

What documents are needed for this?

  1. A statement in which you indicate that your child belongs to a large family and your spouses are eligible for this status. The application is submitted on behalf of the parent;
  2. Marriage certificate if you are spouses (does not apply to single parents with several children, three or more);
  3. Birth certificates of all children belonging to your family.
  4. Copies of each parent’s passport pages, including personal details, photograph, date and place of issue, current registration;
  5. Certificate of family composition, filled in form No. 3. This document displays all family members, including children.
  6. 3×4 cm photographs of each family member. This is usually required for paperwork.
  7. A certificate from an educational institution if your child is between 18 and 23 years old and is a full-time student (e.g. university, vocational school, etc.).
  8. If the parents have different registration addresses, a certificate may be required that documents on large families were not issued at the place of registration of the second parent.

What benefits are provided for large families in 2023?

  • Discount on payment of housing and communal services: Families with many children can receive a discount of 50% of the cost of payment for the use of housing (rent) if they comply with housing standards established by law. This applies to the size of the housing of each family member and the general indicators of the area of housing.
  • Utility Discount: Families with many children are eligible for a 50% utility discount whether they live in an apartment or a private home.
  • Discount on liquefied bottled gas: Families with many children can receive a 50% discount on the cost of liquefied bottled gas used for domestic needs.
  • Fuel Rebate: If a large family’s home does not have central heating, they can receive a 50% discount on any fuel, including liquid fuel.
  • Discount on city telephone communication: Families with many children can receive a discount of 50% from the approved tariffs for the subscription fee for the use of city telephone communication (apartment telephone).

If you need help in obtaining a certificate of a father of many children, contact the legal experts – the law office “Prikhodko and Partners”. Our company has extensive experience in the field of family law, so we are always ready to provide you with qualified assistance, advice, as well as explanations in the preparation and execution of the necessary documents.

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