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Mykolaieva Yulia

Head of the family practice department

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Hereditary disputes

Mykolaieva Yulia

Head of the family practice department

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Improving material well-being through inheritance is a desirable event for almost everyone. At the same time, it is often necessary to fight for the inheritance.

Inheritance disputes arise for various reasons, from the division of property between the heirs to the heir skipping the deadline for filing an application with a notary to enter the inheritance. There may be different objective chances of winning the dispute with the heir. But if such chances exist in principle, then an experienced lawyer will help to maximize them.

Inheritance disputes in the practice of Prikhodko & Partners law firm

For your information! Our law firm maintains a highly effective practice of inheritance law. As part of the prevention of disputes, we are working on consulting clients. We also provide services for the development of a draft will and notarization of this document.

When clients apply to Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm with already arisen hereditary disputes, options for their resolution without a court are considered as a priority. For the purpose of the division of property between the heirs, an appropriate agreement is prepared, which, after agreement with all interested parties and the introduction of the necessary amendments, is certified by a notary.

Most common hereditary disputes

When contacting a lawyer for inheritance cases at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm, take into account that a problem that is illogical to yours has, with a high probability, been repeatedly solved. Lawyers can offer operating algorithms for achieving the result, adjusted for your individual circumstances.

For your information! We will settle such disputes by inheritance:


challenging / invalidating the will;




protection of the rights of minors / minor heirs;




changing the order of obtaining the right to inheritance;




establishing / challenging the fact of acceptance of the inheritance;




appeal against decisions about a notary when registering an inheritance;




division of inheritance between heirs;




setting an additional deadline for filing an inheritance application;




reimbursement of the costs of caring for the testator.



The list is not exhaustive, please contact us for clarification on your problem.

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