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Specializes in real estate registration, solving various issues related to putting into operation, reconstruction, redevelopment, unification, division of real estate objects. Land issues, concluding agreements with real estate.

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Legalize the redevelopment

Each of us has dreams of an ideal home – spacious, functional and cozy. However, realizing these dreams, we often face the issue of legalizing the redevelopment of premises. Is this allowed by law? What steps should be taken to ensure the legal purity of our changes in living space?

What can and cannot be done when re-planning the premises?

Replanning of premises is a serious procedure that requires careful study of local building regulations and rules. This is also related to the observance of prohibitions on changing the structure of the building, which may violate the safety of life and health of people.

You can:

  • Consolidate or expand premises by removing internal walls.
  • Change the placement of doors and windows subject to compliance with fire and building safety requirements.
  • Install new plumbing and electrical networks according to relevant standards and regulations.
  • Move kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other sanitary units.

Can not:

  • Disrupt load-bearing walls without design and permits from the relevant authorities.
  • Carry out redevelopment, which leads to violation of established norms regarding the number of exit doors, fire safety, etc.
  • Make any changes without taking into account the legal status of the building and local zoning requirements.
  • Use unsuitable materials or equipment, which may pose a threat to life and health safety.
  • Disrupt ventilation channels, etc

Our legal expert can provide a complete list of permitted and prohibited types of work during the redevelopment of the premises, taking into account your specific tasks and questions.

Why legalize redevelopment?

Legalization of redevelopment is not only about ensuring your own safety and comfort, but also about preventing possible legal problems in the future. Legalization of changes in the living space allows you to avoid fines and other troubles that may arise due to violations of building regulations.

How to replan an apartment without breaking the rules?

In order to rearrange the apartment without violating the rules, it is important to follow a certain order of actions and procedures. Our lawyers will help at every stage.

  1. Develop a reconstruction project. Work with a qualified architect or engineer to create a design that meets all local building codes and regulations.
  2. Arrange the author’s supervision of the project. It is necessary for the project to be monitored by an experienced specialist who will ensure the compliance of the project works.
  3. Arrange technical supervision over construction. Supervise the construction together with specialists who guarantee that the work is carried out in accordance with the approved design.
  4. Submit a notice (permit) to start construction. Obtain all necessary permits and documents from the relevant authorities before starting construction work.
  5. Perform reconstruction works. Implement the reconstruction project, following all requirements and recommendations.
  6. Order a new technical passport for the premises. After the reconstruction is completed, receive an updated technical passport for the premises, which reflects all the changes made.
  7. Put the facility into operation. After receiving all the necessary permits and documents, put the facility into operation.
  8. In some cases, make changes to the Register of Property Rights. If the area of the premises has changed as a result of the reconstruction, make appropriate changes to the Register of Property Rights.

By following this plan and cooperating with professionals in the field of construction and legal support, you will be able to redevelop the apartment without violating the rules and avoid unpleasant legal consequences.

What to do if the replanning has already been carried out, but there are no documents?

In such a situation, you should not panic. Our team of experts has many years of experience in solving such issues. We will help you solve this problem by legalizing the changes already made and provide you with the necessary documentation.

Help from our legal experts

Our legal experts are professionals with many years of experience in real estate and construction. They are ready to provide you with qualified assistance in all aspects of legalizing the redevelopment of your home. We understand that this process can be complex and confusing, so we offer an individual approach to each client, providing a full range of services from consultations to support at every stage of the legalization procedure.

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Specializes in real estate registration, solving various issues related to putting into operation, reconstruction, redevelopment, unification, division of real estate objects. Land issues, concluding agreements with real estate.

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