Inspection of premises / office / car for listening / bugs

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Lawyer specializing in criminal law, international criminal law and international human rights law.

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Inspection of premises / office / car for listening / bugs

At the current stage, technical development has reached such heights that it allows the use of various means to achieve the goal set by malicious actors. For example, to get hold of confidential information, criminals use a number of devices, including: scanners, cameras, voice recorders, and radio microphones. In addition, very often “bugs” are installed for listening. These are devices that allow you to receive various information, in particular, audio and video information. That is why one of the relevant services from the specialists of our law office Prykhodko and Partners is the inspection of the premises/office/car for listening.


The importance of protecting personal information

Personal space for every person plays a huge role. This applies to both business relations and communication with relatives and friends. The general level and safety of life of each of us depends on the level of information security. Modern technologies allow criminals to use a huge range of listening devices that have a number of additional functions, namely: recording, hidden surveillance. Such tools are often quite compact, and therefore it is quite difficult to detect them. Prykhodko and Partners specialists will help you get rid of these listening devices in rooms, offices and cars.

Фото: Inspection of premises / office / car for listening / bugs

Peculiarities of checking premises and cars for listening

Let’s start with the principles we use in the process of checking premises, offices and cars for the presence of listening devices. The main principle of our work is legality. We never go beyond the current Ukrainian legal field. Our legal office has all the necessary documents that give us the right to search for listening devices.

Another important principle is 100% confidentiality in our relationships with clients. Checking premises and cars for the presence of “bugs” and other devices is something that remains exclusively between our specialists and customers.


Without a doubt, the main capital of our Prykhodko and Partners law office is the trust of our clients. Every situation is important for us. We will select exactly the algorithm of actions that will allow us to achieve the best possible result in each specific case.

Protecting premises and cars from eavesdropping is, without a doubt, a very important task. Our specialists offer a professional search for such devices. Among the activities we offer:

  • Conducting radio monitoring of premises and cars to detect eavesdropping devices.
  • Finding listening devices and disabling them.
  • Detection of hidden video cameras.
  • Finding those tools that have been disabled, however, can still be used to steal information.
  • Taking a number of measures to protect premises and cars from the installation of new listening devices.

Фото: Inspection of premises / office / car for listening / bugs

You can protect confidential information and your own life from interference by outsiders on your own by studying the market of modern tools for searching for “bugs” and tools for blocking them. But it is best to seek help from real professionals – specialists of the Prykhodko and Partners law office. We have the necessary technique and experience to detect active and disabled listening gadgets. We will also apply the necessary measures for long-term protection against attackers.

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Lawyer specializing in criminal law, international criminal law and international human rights law.

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