Immigration attorney

The tendency to leave Ukraine for permanent or temporary residence in other countries of the world has not weakened in recent decades. Moreover, the solution of the difficult task of collecting and processing the necessary documents can be undertaken by an immigration lawyer in the city of Kiev – a specialist of the law firm Prikhodko and Partners.

How can an immigration lawyer be helpful?

In the activities of an immigration lawyer, two areas can be conditionally distinguished:

  1. support of immigration programs;
  2. solving problems in connection with the stay of Ukrainian citizens in foreign countries.

Important! An immigration lawyer is ready to defend the interests of the client in case of receiving a ban on departure, detention and return from the border, refusal of petitions, cancellation of a visa, deportation or expulsion from EU countries.

An immigration lawyer in Kiev Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm makes extensive use of connections in the embassies and other diplomatic representative offices of foreign states, information from the SIS visa information system and other similar sources, practical experience from successfully solved problems. And this contributes to the achievement of the result desired by the client.

What can an immigration lawyer offer for a client to participate in one of the residence permit programs?

The rating of the most popular countries for immigration among Ukrainians is topped by the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Immigration lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm studied all the details of paperwork for these countries down to the smallest detail.

For your information! If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, Kiev is the best place to choose such a specialist. It is in the capital that there are several specialized firms that can rightfully be proud of the successful results of work in this area. Our company is undoubtedly among them. Lawyers from the provinces, unfortunately, do not have sufficient practical experience to provide such services.

For immigration to the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia or New Zealand, first of all, the optimal program is selected. Among the reasons for choosing are education, professional activity, social and family status. Depending on the circumstances, the time to achieve the result varies from seven months to three years.

Exit options that an immigration lawyer considers:

  • family line (family reunification, bride/wife or groom/husband visa);
  • winning the Green Card lottery;
  • going to work or study.

For your information! Immigration programs have strict selection criteria. The country annually sets quotas for immigrants, which creates queues for leaving.

At the same time, along with objective factors, such details as the correct presentation of information about oneself, the error-free filling of questionnaires, the correct formalization of translations of documents, and so on, are important for a successful departure. A lawyer helps with all this, which increases the chances of success. Contact us if you want to realize your plans for moving abroad!

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