Company registration for IT in Madeira

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Company registration for IT in Madeira

Starting a company in Madeira can be an attractive option for IT entrepreneurs for several reasons, including favorable tax laws, developed infrastructure, and geographic location.

Unfortunately, recently European and American IT companies refused to work with IT specialists who have registered their business in Ukraine and offered to move their business to another country for further cooperation.

Many IT specialists have already moved their business to the countries of Eastern Europe, but are not entirely satisfied with their stay in this country and the taxation of such business, accustomed to the Ukrainian realities of doing business and taxation, as a rule, the FOP is 5%.

So, we found the most attractive jurisdiction to register an IT business. And this is sunny Madeira.

Madeira is the answer to your questions! The Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean has long been recognized as an attractive jurisdiction for international business, especially in the field of high technology. Let Prikhodko and Partners help you take advantage of all the advantages that the island of Madeira has to offer.

Tax benefits for IT companies in Madeira

Madeira has a special tax regime aimed at attracting foreign investment, especially in the high-tech sector.

As part of the Madeira International Business Center (MIBC), IT companies can benefit from one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe — only 5%.

This benefit is valid until the end of 2027, which provides excellent conditions for the development and expansion of business in the European market. In addition, Madeira has no tax on dividends and royalties paid outside the country and is exempt from income tax for non-residents.

Business registration process in Madeira for the IT sector

The process of establishing a company in Madeira is relatively simple and can be completed remotely (by power of attorney), which is a significant advantage for international investors.

The main steps include:

  • Choosing the name and legal form of the company

The first step is to choose a name for your company and determine its legal form, such as a Limited Liability Company (LDA) or a Joint Stock Company (SA).

  • Submission of documents for registration

Once you have decided which legal form to choose, the next step is to prepare and submit the documents to the Portuguese Commercial Register. This includes the company’s articles of association, and identification data of founders and directors.

  • Obtaining tax numbers

Every company and its directors must obtain a Portuguese tax number (NIF). This number is required for all tax and financial transactions.

  • Opening a bank account

To do business in Madeira, you need to open a corporate bank account. This can be done after receiving the NIF and registering the company. We would like to note that opening a bank account requires the personal presence of the company’s director at the bank.

  • Licensing

Depending on your business, your company may need to obtain special licenses or permits, especially if your business involves specific aspects of IT, such as data processing or software development.

“Prikhodko and Partners” is your key partner for success in Madeira

We have everything you need to make your decision to open a company in Madeira a success. Our many years of experience and deep understanding of local legislation allow us to effectively solve all the challenges that may arise when registering and conducting business in another country.

Contact “Prikhodko and Partners” for a consultation, and we will ensure that your investments in Madeira will be not only safe, but also extremely profitable.

We strive to make the process of opening and managing your business as simple and efficient as possible, allowing you to focus on what is really important – the development of innovative technological solutions.

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A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support of businesses in Ukraine and EU countries.

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