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Divorce lawyer in Kiev

To divorce and share property with a once loved one seems like the end of the world. At the same time, according to studies, women are happiest in their third marriage, when there are two divorces left behind. If a divorce is inevitable, both for a woman and a man, it is better to go through it without hysterics and depression, keeping your dignity with you and protecting your property interests as much as possible.

A divorce lawyer at Prikhodko & Partners is ready to help you in resolving all the main and related legal issues related to divorce. By consulting with a specialist regarding each important step, entrusting him with the paperwork and support of legal procedures, you minimize the risk of near and distant negative consequences of divorce. When you are supported by an experienced lawyer, divorce becomes a page in life that can be turned over and forgotten forever.

What problems does a divorce lawyer help to solve?

Only a small number of couples manage to divorce through the Civil Registry Office under Article 106 of the Family Code in the absence of common children and in the presence of a mutual desire. Moreover, even if the very fact of divorce is registered through the Civil Registry Office, you have to go to the court to go through the next stage of the divorce process – the division of property.

For your information! On the example of the work of our company’s specialists, you can see how busy a divorce lawyer is, Kiev is especially indicative in this regard. It is necessary to solve both the most standard tasks (for example, preparing a statement of claim for divorce) and extremely complex issues (for example, determining the place of residence of a child with a mother after her divorce from a foreigner).

Divorce lawyer at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm covers in its activities assistance to clients on the following issues:

Divorce through the courts, including when the spouse tries to delay the process by organizing a failure to appear “for a good reason.”

Divorce from a foreign citizen, including the legalization of documents for their legality in the foreigner’s country of residence.

Property division – a lawyer provides support in the division of real estate, business, bank deposits.

Determination of the child’s place of residence and the schedule of communication with the child.

The appointment of alimony, both as a percentage of income and in a fixed amount, including for the maintenance of the mother of a child up to three years old.

The beginning of a divorce process is often accompanied by confusion in emotions, which makes it difficult to soberly assess the situation and take the necessary steps. Therefore, when a clear thought appears in my head about breaking up family relations, it is necessary to consult a divorce lawyer. Then it will be possible to act on the basis of the advice received from a specialist.

What is divorce legal advice?

Thanks to modern means of communication, legal advice on divorce proceedings is available wherever you are and no matter how busy you are. You can always allocate half an hour or an hour to communicate with a lawyer by phone or online, via Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram messengers.

For your information! In the future, after a preliminary conversation, the lawyer can send certain documents for analysis. It is also possible to provide services for the development of documents.

On a number of issues, you can agree amicably with your ex-spouse or spouse, avoiding a lawsuit. Divorce counseling often includes considering such options. For example, to help avoid court proceedings, a divorce lawyer can develop and arrange for the approval of the spouse to draft notarial contracts:

  • on the division of jointly acquired property:
  • on the payment of alimony (indicating the amount and order);
  • about determining the order (schedule) of communication with the child.

Consulting a lawyer on the division of property makes it possible to clarify a number of very important points for the client:

The spouse may try to sell the property or re-register it to third parties (for example, to his relatives) in order to avoid division. In a number of cases, it is advisable, along with the claim for the division of property, to file a motion for securing the claim by seizing the joint property before a court decision is made.

Sometimes one of the spouses hides property during the years of marriage. A divorce lawyer, under certain circumstances, recommends submitting requests, in particular – during the trial, you can submit a request for information to banking institutions. In addition to information about deposits in the bank, you can request information about any banking transactions performed in relation to the specified person.

Contrary to popular belief, in the event of a divorce, it is quite possible to divide the mortgage. A divorce lawyer, depending on the circumstances, can offer several options in this case, among them – payment of compensation to one of the spouses, re-registration of the mortgage agreement for both spouses (so that one borrower is not responsible for the other), and so on.

What related services of a divorce lawyer can be obtained from Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm?

Even after the dissolution of the marriage, the spouses continue to have certain legal relationships. The assistance of a lawyer in a divorce is, among other things, in the settlement of these legal relations. First of all, we are talking about the regime of joint ownership and about alimony.

Recovery of alimony

Consulting a divorce lawyer often includes considering measures to prevent a spouse from evading child support. Every experienced divorce lawyer in the city of Kiev knows about the widespread schemes for concealing income by alimony payers. For example, the activity of an individual entrepreneur with zero income or receiving a salary “in an envelope”.

Legal assistance in divorce sometimes includes careful and focused work to collect evidence of the real income of the alimony payer, and the subsequent restoration of justice regarding the amount of these payments in court. Divorce counseling may include clarifications regarding the recovery of alimony from a formally unemployed (officially unemployed person), a person working abroad, and so on.

Services of a lawyer for the division of property

In our practice, a variety of situations have accumulated, so you can get useful advice on almost any issue. Prikhodko & Partners property division lawyers are ready to act effectively in difficult situations, for example, when there is a need to divide an unfinished construction object or property abroad.

Some clients come to us via the Internet using the queries “legal advice divorce”, “divorce consultation” or “legal advice divorce”. In a conversation with a lawyer, the needs are identified precisely in solving property issues. Our divorce lawyer is ready to clarify the following points:

  • how to prove the fact of cohabitation (in the so-called civil marriage);
  • in what cases there are reasons to deviate from the principle of equality of shares of the spouses;
  • how the divorce will end up (legal advice makes it possible to predict the property status of the parties);
  • when the interests of children are taken into account when dividing property;
  • how to prove the fact of acquiring property at the expense of personal funds.

The fate of the children

When a lawyer is involved in cases, divorce proceedings are often given a different direction. The specialist helps to sort out situations when one of the spouses acts according to the law of force or takes advantage of his more prosperous financial situation. Divorce through a lawyer helps to equalize the rights of parents to participate in the lives of children, including by filing a relevant claim in court.


If you are planning or have already initiated a divorce, legal advice will be required. This is the first thing to start with in the process of breaking up family relations. When there is a divorce ahead, consulting an experienced lawyer makes it possible to understand your prospects for obtaining a particular property, as well as resolving the issue with children.

If you are about to get a divorce, a lawyer at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is at your service!

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