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Real estate litigation

Very often in modern legal practice you can come across court cases related to real estate. This issue is sufficiently developed at the legislative level, however, this does not mean that it is very easy to protect your rights in court. Changes are made to the regulatory legal framework every year. That is why it is better to use the help of real professionals. If you start a legal dispute about real estate, contact our specialists – lawyers Prykhodko and Partners. We have a lot of practical experience in solving such disputes, we know all the nuances of conducting cases related to real estate.

Types of real estate litigation

Among the most common types of real estate litigation in Ukraine are:

  • Recognizing purchase and sale agreements as invalid.
  • Challenging wills.
  • Lawsuits for annulment of decisions issued by state registrars regarding the registration of banks’ ownership of mortgages.
  • Lawsuits related to the removal of real estate from someone else’s illegal possession.

In most cases, the assistance of qualified lawyers will be needed by persons who plan to purchase housing or other types of real estate.

Court proceedings are the most rational and effective option for resolving a disputed situation with the desired result for you.

Litigation related to the operation includes, in particular:

  • Restoration of real estate documents in court.
  • Recognition/confirmation of ownership rights to residential or commercial real estate.

In accordance with the current legislation, namely Article 392 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the owner of real estate has the right to submit a claim to the court regarding the recognition of his ownership rights to movable objects, if the supporting documents, for example, have been lost.

If you cannot register ownership of real estate according to the general procedure (that is, based on putting residential/commercial real estate into operation with subsequent registration in the State Register of Real Property Rights). Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners support the procedure of registration of property rights in court.

This category of litigation also includes projects related to the legalization of residential real estate.

The advantages of involving professional lawyers in solving the issue of real estate litigation

Of course, you can try to defend your own interests in court on your own, however, a more correct decision would be to involve specialists who have the necessary work experience and knowledge of current Ukrainian legislation.

Independent participation in legal disputes related to real estate may be accompanied by the following risks: implementation of legally incorrect actions; the risk of not obtaining the desired result; the danger of missing the deadlines established by law.

What we, lawyers Prykhodko and Partners, offer:

  • Acquaintance with case materials with their further analysis.
  • Development of an effective strategy to protect the interests of each client.
  • Preparation of a package of documents necessary for applying to court.
  • Representation of the interests of each client in the process of judicial consideration of the issue.
  • Preparation/submission of applications, explanations, petitions.
  • Control over the execution of court rulings and decisions.

Already after the first consultation, we will determine what course of action should be applied and discuss the possible outcome after the trial of the case. Our lawyers will be able to form the right legal position for each client.

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Lawyer of real estate, construction and land law

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