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Chmona Alona

Assistant lawyer

Expert in the field of recalculation of military pensions and military law

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Payment of 10 salaries upon retirement to medical workers

Chmona Alona
Assistant lawyer

Expert in the field of recalculation of military pensions and military law

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When a person retires, he seeks to take advantage of the rights and social guarantees provided for him by the state. Let’s talk about it in more detail in the section on the topic of 10 salaries for medical workers. Issues of pension law are relevant in the work of the Prikhodko&Partners law firm team, as this branch of jurisprudence is one of our key specializations. Therefore, we will not only talk about the payment of 10 salaries in the specified case, but also touch on how our company’s services can be useful in this context.

What should you know about legal regulations?

Let’s touch on the norms of the current legislation that regulates this issue. Therefore, the key legal act that specifies it is the Law “On Mandatory State Pension Insurance”. Clause 7-1 of the Final Provisions of this document deserves special attention.

If we briefly state the content of the current legal norms, it will be as follows:

  • a person from among medical workers has the right to such a payment in the event that he has a special insurance experience of 25-30 years in positions defined by legislation;
  • it is necessary to have a total insurance experience for women – 30 years, for men – 35 years;
  • retirement took place precisely from these positions, and the form of ownership of the institution is state or communal;
  • the person who retires should not have received any other type of pension up to that point.

When all these requirements are met, then in this case there is a legitimate reason to count on a payment of 10 salaries at the time of retirement.


What do the bylaws say?

Above, we considered the norms of the Law, which regulates this issue. And now it is worth focusing on subordinate legal acts. Therefore, one of such documents is the “Procedure for calculating insurance length of service, which gives the right to the assignment of financial assistance and its payment.” The procedure was approved by Cabinet Resolution № 1191 dated November 23, 2011. In particular, it is worth talking about points 4-7. Let’s get acquainted with their content in more detail. So:

  • the length of service specified in clauses 2 and 3 of the document is determined by calendar calculation;
  • the amount of monetary assistance is determined taking into account the monthly amount of the pension in accordance with Art. 27 and 28 of the Law “On Mandatory State Pension Insurance” as of the date of appointment;
  • assistance is paid by the PFU;
  • funds for this payment are drawn from the State Budget;
  • it is calculated together with the first pension.

Another important normative legal act is the “List of institutions and institutions of education, health care and social protection and positions in which work gives the right to a pension for years of service.” Like any other document of this nature, it is also approved by the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. In this case, it has the number 909 and is dated November 4, 1993.

How can we be useful?

If we talk about the advantages of contacting the lawyers of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law firm, then our law firm really provides clients with quite a lot of advantages in their work. Including:

  • a wide range of services, starting with consulting and ending with legal support of your interaction with government bodies;
  • orientation to the result, thanks to which our clients are sure that we will not stop halfway, but will really protect their rights and legitimate interests;
  • vast experience, which we rely on when we undertake any business;
  • constant monitoring of legislative updates, thanks to which important information does not pass us by.

So we really have something to offer our customers in terms of benefits.


What are the difficulties in registering a pension?

It would seem that the Pension Fund should be on the side of the pensioner, but this is not always the case. That is why a person often needs high-quality legal support when interacting with this state body. In many cases, there are problems with taking into account part of the insurance experience or correctly calculating the amount of the pension. We know how to help in such situations, because we regularly deal with them. Sometimes it has to be done through court, but the key is that there is a way out and our experts know the way to it.

If you have questions or problems related to the topic of pensions, please contact us for advice. We will provide it in a format convenient for you. It can be both online and face-to-face in our office. And if it is necessary to protect your interests in court, we take on the key work, and you only rejoice at the desired result at the end of the case.

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