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Taras Miroshnychenko

Head of International Corporate Law and Fintech Practice

A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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Registration of a leasing company

Taras Miroshnychenko
Head of International Corporate Law and Fintech Practice

A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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In Ukraine, the leasing market is constantly growing, which makes it attractive for investors and entrepreneurs.

Registering a leasing company in Ukraine is a complex process, but with the right information and approach, it can be quite affordable.

Legal and financial points must be taken into account. If you want to be sure that the process continues competently and safely, contact our law firm “Prikhodko and Partners”.

The main aspects of the leasing company

  • Determine the type of leasing. Before registering a company, it is important to determine the type of leasing that you will provide. There are two main types: financial and operational. The former provides for the transfer of ownership of the asset upon termination of the contract, while the latter does not provide for this possibility. Determining this aspect will help you determine the strategy and risks of your business.
  • Choose the legal form of the company. In Ukraine, there are several types of legal entities that can be chosen for a leasing company, such as Limited Liability Company (LLC), Joint Stock Company (JSC), and others. The choice will depend on the size of the business, planned activities, and other factors.
  • Choosing a company name. The name must meet the requirements of the law and must not duplicate existing trademarks. Prepare several options and submit an application for registration to the state registration authorities.

Registration procedures

In order for your company to be officially recognized, you need to register it with the state registration authorities, in particular with the State Registrar of Enterprises of Ukraine (SRE), and other necessary authorities. For this, it is usually necessary to provide the company’s charter, the founder’s passport, a statement, and other documents.

Leasing companies are subject to licensing in Ukraine. To obtain a license, you need to apply to the National Commission, which carries out state regulation in the field of financial services markets.

In order to obtain a license, you must meet a number of requirements, including capital, experience, and procedural requirements.

An important aspect is the understanding of taxation for a leasing company in Ukraine. This includes income tax, VAT, excise duties, and other taxes.

Tax planning plays an important role in the financial success of a company.

Regulatory aspects

Ukraine has a number of legislative acts regulating leasing activities, including the Law of Ukraine “On Leasing”. Study these regulations in detail, as they will determine your rights and obligations in this area.

The company must be ready to solve various issues related to leasing agreements. It is important to establish clear and transparent terms of interaction with clients and adhere to them.

Financial plan and management

  • Determine how much capital you need to start the business and the sources of funding. This can include equity, loans, investments, and other sources.
  • Develop a strategy for risk management. Insurance can be an important aspect of the leasing business to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

Marketing and development

Create an effective marketing strategy to attract customers and increase traffic. Branding plays an important role in the development of your business.

Grow your business by exploring new markets and opportunities. Study the market and analyze competitors to ensure sustainable growth.

Contact lawyers to do everything easily and reliably

Contacting our legal company to register a leasing company in Ukraine is a very useful solution since opening this business is a complex legal process.

The importance of involving lawyers in this case is obvious:

  • Legal examination. Our experts have knowledge and experience in the field of corporate law and business registration, and they will be able to provide professional expertise in all aspects of registering your leasing company.
  • Compliance with legislation. Ukrainian legislation on enterprise registration is constantly changing. Lawyers will help you understand the current rules and requirements in order to avoid possible violations.
  • Minimization of risks. Specialists will help you identify and reduce the risks associated with leasing activities, which may include tax, financial, and legal risks.
  • Preparation of necessary documentation. Lawyers will help you prepare all the necessary documents, such as the company charter, agreements, and other documents required for registration.
  • Interaction with regulators. Contacting us will allow you to effectively interact with state registration authorities, tax authorities, and other regulators, which can simplify the registration process.
  • Protection of your interests. We will protect your interests and rights in agreements with customers, employees, and other parties, which can protect your business from possible conflicts and legal disputes.
  • Saving time and effort. Hiring professional lawyers will allow you to avoid unnecessary mistakes and save time and effort, which is important for a successful business launch.

Note that the leasing business can be complex in terms of regulatory environment and legal requirements, so professional lawyers can become your reliable advisors and partners in the registration and further functioning of the company.

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