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Petryk Tetiana

Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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Certificate of removal from military registration

Petryk Tetiana
Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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When a man has grounds to travel abroad for permanent residence, but is of conscription age, he needs to be removed from the military register. It is moving abroad that becomes the basis for such withdrawal. After completing the procedure, the person receives the appropriate certificate.

What is the procedure for deregistration?

You can obtain a certificate of deregistration from the TCC at the place of registration, because it coincides with the place of registration. But first you need to visit the territorial division of the State Migration Service and obtain permission to leave for permanent residence in another country.

If we talk about the legal support of this procedure, which is offered by the team of the law firm Prikhodko&Partners, then everything happens in the following order:


Advice. This is the traditional stage from which support for any such interaction begins. It is important for the specialist who will work with you to know all the details of the situation in order to think through a strategy for representing your interests as competently as possible.


Preparation of a package of documents that will be submitted to the Migration Service. To obtain permission to leave, you need to carefully prove that you really have grounds for it. Therefore, at the stage of collecting the relevant documentation, you need to work efficiently. Regularly dealing with such customer requests, we understand how important it is to collect everything necessary the first time so that interaction with the State Migration Service does not turn into a chase through a circle of bureaucratic procedures and refusals.


Design control. Here we have sufficient powers to legally influence the work of government representatives and work towards results so that our client’s request is satisfied as quickly as possible.


Obtaining a decision from the State Migration Service. If the decision is positive, then the next step is interaction with representatives of the TCC at the place of your registration. And if we encounter an unmotivated refusal from the Migration Service, we will appeal it.


When interacting with the TCC, sometimes there are also unpleasant surprises if a person is faced with abuse of power by representatives of this body. Therefore, it is much better when your interests are represented by a person who does this by proxy, having the appropriate professional education and experience in this category of cases. We know well what pitfalls you can encounter when dealing with this issue. Therefore, over the course of our long work, we have already been able to develop effective algorithms on how to better represent client interests in order to achieve the desired result.

What other issues can we help with?

When a person plans to go abroad, he is often forced to resolve a number of related legal issues. For example, one of them is the termination of entrepreneurial activity of an individual entrepreneur. We quickly help in such matters. There may also be requests related to adaptation abroad. For example, someone seeks to open a company there or become a co-founder. We can help both in a consulting format and in a specific practical area – for example, opening an account in a banking institution abroad.


If we talk about the key formats of our work, they are as follows:

  • Consultations. They are possible both in person and remotely if you are in another city or country. This could be by telephone or video conference.
  • Turnkey support. To obtain a certificate of deregistration from military registration, our clients mostly choose this form of cooperation with the team of the law firm Prikhodko&Partners. This really gives an advantage, because it frees you from independent interaction with institutions, with which it is not always possible to communicate in a pleasant format if you have to deal with specific manifestations of the behavior of individual officials.
  • Representation of interests in court. In the case of such requests as mentioned above, this need arises extremely rarely, but in general we have sufficient practice in defending the interests of clients in court.

So, the lawyers of the migration law practice “Prikhodko&Partners” will help you in interacting with representatives of the State Migration Service and the TsK in order to achieve the desired result in obtaining a certificate of deregistration from military registration.

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