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Remote accounting

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Remote accounting


Vorozhbitova Krystyna

Do you need an accountant?

The answer will be unequivocal: needed as never before. But everything is not so simple here, so you need sort out some key questions first.

Every business, either at the start of its activity, or in the process of scaling, is obligatory must have an accountant. The trend of recent years has become remote accounting or so on outsourcing.

You need to understand what it is and what benefits you get. Law Firm

Prikhodko & Partners is no exception, since over the past years we have specialized and we provide remote accounting.

Why did I first say that it is not so simple? Because the accountant must be selected carefully and responsibly.

It should, at least, work now (that is, be in the trend of the latest changes), but how maximum to be a qualified specialist. In addition, he must be able and know how to lead accounting remotely (not everyone has this opportunity). This is what is needed and demanded now.

What issues does remote accounting solve?

Accounting outsourcing is convenient for entrepreneurs, beginners, for advanced students and for those that develop new directions. Remote accountant for individual entrepreneurs or accounting accounting LLC will help you understand many issues and, in parallel, will reveal the essence of accounting outsourcing:

  • Where to start my business?
  • What to choose: LLC, individual entrepreneur or another form of doing business?
  • How to keep records?
  • What is the system for paying taxes and should they be paid?
  • Which bank is better served?
  • When, to whom and where to submit a report and in general what is a report?
  • How to save on taxes?
  • Do I need employees on the staff and how to arrange them?
  • Who can you work with, lawyers or physicists?
  • How to pay wages correctly?
  • And much more.

Accounting outsourcing is a contribution to the business, it is a service in which you do not need to do paperwork work, since we will do it for you.

We will gladly take your financial and accounting questions, prepare answers and we will give the result, for which we are working.

Accounting outsourcing myths

A very common question is, what is accounting outsourcing “for the poor”?

There is a myth in the business environment that large companies must have their own chief accountant, and the whole state is better. Many specialists who conduct accounting remotely believe that such customers are too tough for them. But this is just a prejudice. Any company, including large business takes care of efficiency.

Outsourcing meets modern market requirements and is often much more productive than maintain a whole staff of accounting and monitor its work. This is due to the fact that the Accounting outsourcing is result-oriented.

In Europe and America, accounting outsourcing has long been in great demand. In addition, companies themselves are focused on the transition to outsourcing. That is why now is a great time to start your development.

A little practice

Here are some examples from our practice. You decide to open a business (how fashionable to say “Get out of the shadows”). How to decide who to be, how to find out how much to pay and whether you need to submit reports, whether you need cash register, but what is the best way to accept payment so that later there will be no unnecessary problems?

Frequent cases when people come to us afterwards to optimize existing accounting and what do we see? We believe and understand that there is already a colossal underpayment of tax, but it could have been prevent the consequences.

Another example. You still came to a consultation for a step-by-step work plan. From further services were refused, as accounting outsourcing seemed to you not the right thing, and then the end of the year. Start look for where and what you have to pay and still contact the accountant, since it is time to figure out not at all.

Therefore, saving on maintenance, where accounting outsourcing is what you really need, so how Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm knows all the subtleties. In addition, our staff accountants know all the intricacies of the current activities of tax authorities, so we can work for advance.

Approach your business responsibly from all angles. Sign up for a consultation soon to our specialists, get answers to all your questions and choose our services accounting outsourcing.

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