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Privatization of a state apartment by warrant

In order to become the full owner of an apartment or any other real estate object, it must be privatized. Only in this case, it will pass from the “state” category to your private property with all available privileges and opportunities. It should be remembered that the privatization of apartments is a rather complicated process. It provides for the collection of necessary documents and their submission to specialized bodies. Consulting on the privatization of a state-owned apartment by order is one of the services provided by the specialists of our law firm Prykhodko and Partners. Only professional lawyers can significantly simplify the privatization process.

Peculiarities of the privatization procedure

To begin with, let’s determine why the privatization of a state apartment is needed.

Privatization gives the full right to use the apartment. You can do whatever you want with it, in particular, bequeath, sell, please, mortgage.

Important: a person who has the right to privatization can do it only once. Also, pay attention to the following: privatization is possible in cases where you have a warrant for a state apartment. Privatization will be carried out only under this condition. That is, until the moment of privatization, the person who has a warrant for it is considered an employer. Persons registered in the apartment and those who moved in together with the tenant also participate in the privatization procedure.

Documents that will be needed for the privatization of a state apartment by warrant

In order to privatize a state-owned apartment, you will need to prepare an appropriate package of documents. It consists of:

  1. Applications for privatization of an apartment, additionally – consent from all family members for privatization.
  2. Technical passport for the current inventory of the apartment.
  3. Copies of passports of all persons registered in the apartment, for children under 16 years of age – copies of birth certificates.
  4. A copy of the order on the provision of living space.
  5. Certificate of family composition.
  6. The certificate is a confirmation that you have not previously privatized housing.

If benefits are available, appropriate confirmations must be added to the above list of documents.

Thus, if you live in non-privatized state housing, you must first find out whether it is subject to privatization. The next stage is the collection of a package of documents for privatization. After passing all stages, you will receive a Certificate, i.e., a document that will serve as confirmation of ownership.

Terms and cost of privatization

The certificate, which will serve as confirmation of ownership, is issued within 30 days from the moment of submission of all necessary documents to the relevant authorities. But it is also worth considering that you will need a lot of time to collect a package of documents.

That is why you will need a few more months. You can significantly save time on the privatization of an apartment with the help of professional lawyers.

Among the advantages of timely privatization of an apartment:

  • The possibility of free disposal of housing. If you wish, you can re-plan it, rent it out, sell it.
  • No risk of property loss. By law, it is forbidden to evict the owner from an apartment that has been privatized, even if there are significant debts for communal services.
  • Preservation of ownership rights to the apartment.

As for the cost of the procedure, it is affected by such factors as the area of the apartment, the number of persons involved in the privatization, etc. Only after the consultation will it be clear whether it will be necessary to pay extra for additional square meters.

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners provide a full range of services related to the privatization of state apartments. You will not need to waste precious time and nerves.

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