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Sick leave and vacation pay

Vorozhbitova Krystyna
Chief Accountant

Leading specialist with practical experience in economics and accounting

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Each worker working officially has certain social guarantees. These include paid leave and temporary disability. That is, in case of illness, the employee can be sure that the time spent on treatment will be paid. But in most cases, questions arise precisely with the accrual of sick leave and vacation pay.

Who pays for sick leave?

The first five days of temporary disability are paid by the enterprise where the employee works. If the duration of the disease is longer, then from the sixth day, payment is made at the expense of insurance funds from the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

Sick leave accrual

In order to correctly accrue hospitals, you first need to determine the billing period, erase the necessary payments, sum them up, divide by the average daily and display the amount of sick leave. For company accountants, this is a common routine work, but which, in turn, must be done clearly, correctly and with the highest quality.

What billing period should be chosen for accrual of sick leave?

  • If the employee has been working for more than a year – 12 months preceding the sick leave
  • If the employee has been working for less than a year – all full-time jobs
  • In other cases, actual hours worked

It is important that the employee, using a personal account on the PFC website, can independently see all the information he needs about the length of service, wages, time spent on sick leave and its accrual, which is a very convenient function for controlling this issue.

Vacation pay

If it is clear with sick leave, then no less attention should be paid to the accrual of vacation pay. In accordance with the Labor Code and the Law of Ukraine “On Vacations”, vacation pay is accrued according to the formula where the average daily earnings are multiplied by the number of vacation days of the employee.

That is, when calculating, first of all, you need to determine the average daily wage of an employee, round it up to kopecks and multiply it by the number of vacation days. You should also not forget that the right to a full-time vacation (24 calendar days) comes when you work at the enterprise for at least 6 months.

When are sick and vacation pay paid?

Temporary disability benefits are paid at the end of the sick leave, usually followed by the payment of wages. Regarding vacation pay, the legislation indicates that such payments must be made before the start of the employee’s vacation. As a rule, they are accrued and paid together with the salary preceding the vacation.

Therefore, if additional questions arise regarding the correct calculation and payment of sick leave or vacation pay, you can always use the legal assistance of specialists with knowledge in the field of financial law and accounting. And it should be remembered that an officially employed citizen has social rights and guarantees for vacation and paid temporary disability.

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