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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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Visa to China

If you need to leave Ukraine for China, it is important to consider the features of the visa regime with this country. The team of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law office provides services related to the legal support of the visa application procedure. Among the specializations of our team is, including, migration law. So we will help qualitatively and as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we suggest you learn more about issuing a visa to this country.

What is the difficulty in obtaining a visa?

In fact, opening a visa to China is a rather difficult procedure. That is why she needs competent legal support. For example, it is important to know the following aspects:

  • This visa can be opened only at the Embassy of China in the EU countries.
  • As for issuing a visa upon arrival, it is possible only at certain airports in the country, but you must first obtain the appropriate permission from the country’s immigration authorities.


As for the key categories of visas in China, it is worth noting among them:

  • tourist (category L);
  • business visa (category M);
  • teaching and student visa (category X);
  • work visa (also category X).

When a person has a clear understanding of each of the types of visas mentioned, it makes it possible to choose exactly the option that meets the needs and purpose of a visit to China. Before that, it would be appropriate to consult professional lawyers who have been working in their field for a long time, who have a lot of experience in supporting similar cases and who know how to optimally help clients in the situations they are dealing with.

What services does visa processing involve “on a turnkey basis”?

With some countries, we have a visa-free regime, with others you need to issue a visa. China belongs to the second category. It is important to note that the complexity of opening a visa to this country is one of the reasons why you should not undertake such a task on your own, but use professional support from experts in migration legislation. The most convenient option for clients is the issuance of a turnkey visa. So, how it looks in practice:

  • first, the specialist guides you in the correctness of collecting the list of documents that is necessary for the visa;
  • the expert checks whether the invitation is correctly drawn up;
  • he assesses how it is possible to obtain a visa in a specific case (as already mentioned, China in this context has quite specific legislation, so it is important to look at the situation realistically and properly prepare for the procedure);
  • next comes the preparation of travel documents and their subsequent submission to the consulate (this is relevant for tourist visas);
  • visa forms are filled out there;
  • the procedure itself provides for the registration of documents and fingerprints at the corresponding consulate located in one of the EU states.

Thus, a team of professional lawyers offers a wide range of services that really make it easier to get a visa. It should be borne in mind that the procedure, which provides for a trip to a consulate located in another country, is difficult for the client, as it requires time and certain costs. Considering this, it would be completely irrational if a person spent time, effort and money, and as a result did not prepare well enough and received a rejection.

Therefore, you should trust the legal support of such cases to those who really understand it, have good experience and can offer excellent quality services to their clients. Cooperation with the Prikhodko&Partners law firm is characterized by such advantages. We will tell you in more detail why you should contact us.


What are the advantages of joining the team of the Prikhodko&Partners advocacy company?

When you contact our immigration law department, you receive a high-quality service that is complex and result-oriented. We do not try to give clients point-by-point answers or disparate legal services that would not lead to the desired end in any endeavor. We use a systematic approach and direct our efforts to ensure that the request that a person made to us is implemented.

So, if you need a visa to China, pay attention to our law firm. We regularly work on such cases and know how to reach the desired result as quickly as possible.

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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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