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Commissioning of the oil depot

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The system of providing Ukraine with oil products plays a very important role in the economy of our country. Industry, agriculture, transport, population cannot do without oil and oil products. Oils, fuels, solvents are supplied to consumers through a wide network of gas stations (gas stations) and oil depots. In this article, we will consider the procedure for commissioning an oil depot. This is one of the important areas of professional activity of Prykhodko and Partners lawyers.

Oil base: what to remember when legalizing it

Modern oil depots are complex and diverse farms. They consist of the following important components:

  1. Branched pipeline communications.
  2. Reservoir parks.
  3. Pumping and power equipment.
  4. Various devices.

The main condition for the existence of oil depots is safety. That is why it is necessary to take care of the technically correct and rational operation of all oil depot facilities.

Requirements for the construction of oil depots

Oil depots belong to the category of objects of increased danger. This is, in fact, a large-scale warehouse with petroleum products. The presented petroleum products have different degrees of purification and processing, however, they are all explosive and flammable. In addition, oil products, when they get into the soil, can heavily pollute it.

Among the factors that are important to consider in the process of building an oil depot:

  • Durability and maximum tightness of all containers.
  • Fire resistance of premises (both external and internal).
  • The presence of a cleaning system on the ventilation of air flows.
  • Installation of filtration systems.
  • Creating your own sewage treatment system from gasoline or oil elements.

That is why designing an oil depot is a very important issue. Such objects require increased security. Correct design will make it possible to use it as safely as possible in the future.

Peculiarities of the procedure for legitimizing an oil depot

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that the oil depot is an object of increased danger. This means that putting the oil depot into operation requires a whole package of permit documents. Note that in modern realities this is a rather expensive business. To begin with, you need to buy or rent a plot of land that will be used for the construction of an oil depot.

This plot of land must meet all the requirements of current Ukrainian legislation. It is also worth observing nature protection and sanitary and hygienic requirements. After the construction is completed, it is necessary to obtain permission from the authorized bodies for the operation of the oil depot.

The opening of the oil depot is regulated by the current fire safety regulations. Technological equipment must have characteristics approved by fire supervision authorities. The territory of the oil depot must be organized in such a way as to prevent the spread of spilled fuel on the territory of the oil depot and beyond.

Summing up, it is worth noting that the oil depot is an object of increased danger. In order to start its operation, it is necessary to obtain appropriate permits. Oil depots will be regularly checked by authorized bodies for their compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents and, in general, with current Ukrainian legislation. That is why it is very important to comply with all requirements for equipment and operation of explosive and fire-hazardous objects.

If you have completed the construction phase, the next step you should take is to put the oil depot into operation. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will help you with this.

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