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Commissioning of the garden house

Perepelchenko Anatolii
Senior partner

Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, financial, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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Commissioning is a mandatory procedure for any construction or home. As for ego features, it all depends on what category of complexity the construction object belongs to. According to article 32 of the Law of Ukraine “On the regulation of urban planning activities”, all construction objects can be divided into 5 categories, depending on the category of complexity. According to this classification, garden houses belong to objects of the I-III categories of complexity. In order to put them into operation, it is mandatory to obtain the right to the readiness of the object. Commissioning of a garden house is one of the activities of PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS lawyers.

Commissioning of a garden house has its own characteristics. They are related, first of all, to the term of construction, the total area, the source of financing, the basis for construction. Depending on the actual circumstances, the constructed structure belongs to the category of “self-build” or an object built on the basis of permit documents.

What are the features of the procedure for putting a garden house into operation?

Commissioning of a garden house is a rather complicated and lengthy procedure. That is why it will take more than a week to go through all the stages and obtain the proper documents. However, PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS specialists will do all this for you.

  • Obtaining a building passport (scheme of intent) and urban planning conditions for development

If the area of the garden house does not exceed 300m2 and has a maximum of 2 floors, you will need a building passport to put it into operation. It can be issued in the department of regional architecture.


  • Notice of commencement of work

This message is issued by the GASI (Architectural and Construction Inspectorate). Each message about the start of work is given its own individual code.

  • Technical inventory

The next step is to obtain a technical passport for the facility. The BTI employee will take appropriate measures to issue a technical passport.

  • Share contribution

It is necessary to pay a share contribution to the local budget for the development of urban infrastructure. A share contribution is made only in the process of commissioning commercial and residential buildings.

  • Obtaining a declaration on the commissioning of an object

This document is also issued by the GASI. Important: if the documentation provided by you differs from the design, the declaration will be returned for revision.

  • Assignment of a postal address
  • Registration of ownership of the property

This is the final straight commissioning of the garden house. You can issue it with a notary or in the territorial executive authorities (TSNAP).

The official date of commissioning is the date of registration of the declaration. After receiving the declaration, a copy of the document should be submitted to the state statistics authority. Also, without fail, information on the commissioning of an object is submitted to state bodies on issues of technogenic and fire safety.

Stages of putting the garden house into operation

The algorithm for self-commissioning of a garden house is quite simple and consists of the following steps.

  • Step one. Obtaining a construction passport.
  • Step two. Submitting a notification on the start of construction of a garden house.
  • Step three. Ordering a technical passport.
  • Step four. Submission of a declaration on the facility’s readiness.
  • Step five. Registration of property ownership.

Today, legalizing self-development will be the only correct decision.

How is ownership registered?

Registration of ownership is carried out after its commissioning. After receiving the appropriate document, you will be able to dispose of your garden house, enter into contracts for the provision of communal services, etc.

Important: before issuing the permit documentation for the start of construction, it is necessary to check the documents for the land. If you are the owner of a plot of land, you can start building a residential building.

It is very important to check the availability of the cadastral number, check the intended purpose of the land, etc.

Thus, the registration of property rights is carried out in relation to real estate objects and land plots located on them. Property rights are registered at a notary public or at the administrative services center. A notary will help register all types of transactions related to real estate. At the same time, it does not matter where the real estate objects are located.

Assistance of professional lawyers in the commissioning of a garden house

It will take a lot of time and effort to complete all the documents necessary for commissioning a garden house. All you need to do is sign up for a consultation with PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS specialists.

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