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Specializes in crimes in the military sphere, and is also an expert in criminal offenses against traffic safety and operation of transport

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Defense of the lawyer at the preliminary investigation

According to the current Ukrainian legislation, any citizen of our country can count on protection. This means that everyone can benefit from the help of professional lawyers. If you are accused of committing any illegal act, you should hire a lawyer at the stage of the pre-trial investigation. Defense of a lawyer at a preliminary investigation is one of the services provided by the lawyers of our Prykhodko and Partners law office.

Functionality of lawyers at the stage of preliminary investigation

A lawyer in criminal proceedings at the pre-trial investigation stage is one of the main actors.

It is at the stage of the preliminary investigation that the lawyer lays the main strategy and foundations for the future defense of the suspect. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners take an active position at this stage, using the full potential of the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes of Ukraine.

Let’s look at the identity of the suspect in more detail. This is a person who was served with a notice of suspicion or was detained on suspicion of committing an offense. This status is maintained by the person during the entire stage of the pre-trial investigation, that is, until the case is considered in court.

During the preliminary investigation, the lawyer:

  • He is present during the execution of all procedural actions provided for by the current legislation.
  • Advises the suspect on various issues of the actual criminal process.

Assistance of professional lawyers at the stage of pre-trial investigation

Of course, you can involve a lawyer at any stage of the criminal process. However, it is best to do this at the preliminary investigation stage. This is due to the fact that very often during the investigation of criminal cases every minute can be decisive. If you use the help of professional lawyers at the stage of pre-trial investigation, the chances of a successful conclusion of the case for the suspect will increase significantly.

Among the main areas of activity of lawyers Prykhodko and Partners at the stage of pre-trial investigation:

  • Consulting the client.
  • Filing of applications for recusal of a prosecutor, investigator, expert, etc.
  • Collection and thorough analysis of case materials.
  • Presence during interrogation and other procedural actions (during search, seizure, etc.).
  • Other actions that will protect the client’s rights and interests.

We offer the help of leading lawyers who will be able to represent your interests at all stages of the criminal process, including at the stage of the preliminary investigation. Our lawyers have deep knowledge and many years of practice to protect the rights of each client.

Among the advantages of contacting the lawyers of our Prykhodko and Partners law office:

  • Individual approach

Each criminal case is unique and requires an individual approach. Our lawyers will evaluate all the features of the case in order to develop the most effective defense strategy. They will thoroughly study all the available documents and materials of the case, work with witnesses, develop a competent and unique defense strategy.

  • 100% privacy

At the core of our lawyers’ activity is the observance of attorney confidentiality. We can be sure that the information given to the lawyer will not be disclosed.

  • Result guarantee

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will be able to find mitigating circumstances and evidence that will prove the person’s innocence or significantly reduce the probable sentence.

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Specializes in crimes in the military sphere, and is also an expert in criminal offenses against traffic safety and operation of transport

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