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Mykolaieva Yulia

Head of the family practice department

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Restriction of parental rights

Mykolaieva Yulia

Head of the family practice department

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Restriction of parental rights

Parental rights also include responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. If a person knowingly violates his or her authority over a child or unknowingly does not raise children, he or she may be restricted in parental rights. How to do it – knows a family lawyer from the company “Prikhodko and Partners”.

What can be the grounds for restricting parental rights?

Article 170 of the Family Code of Ukraine is of central importance. According to this rule, a person may be restricted in parental rights if he:

  • evades the responsibilities of raising children;
  • abuses the child;
  • chronically ill with alcoholism or drug addiction;
  • exploits the child, persuades him to beg.

It is noteworthy that the grounds for restriction are the same as for deprivation. What is the determining factor? Parents’ guilt and specific circumstances of the case.

In all these cases, the person will be restricted in parental rights, which will inevitably lead to the removal of children from another spouse or close relative. But first – you need to prove the existence of grounds in a particular case. This is what a family lawyer from Prikhodko & Partners can help with.

What can a lawyer do to restrict parental rights?

It is worth remembering that the restriction of parental rights is carried out only in court. This automatically means that the applicant must collect the documents and prepare for the trial. The lawyer of Prikhodko & Partners will be able to:

prepare a statement restricting parental rights;

collect evidence of grounds for restrictions (photographs, witness statements, videos, reports and other materials);

represent the interests of the child and the applicant in court;

refute the arguments of the opposite party.

The court will pay attention to the guilt of one of the parents. It is important to gather all the evidence of the possibility of restricting a person’s rights. For example, for people with alcoholism, it can be medical certificates, and in the case of child abuse – videos, photos and testimonies.

If you want to protect a child from one of the parents who is abusing their rights, contact Prikhodko and Partners – we know how important it is to take care of children and prevent unfriendly people.

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