Immigration permit to Ukraine

Expert in migration and corporate law practices also specializes in legal support for start-up projects.

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Immigration permit to Ukraine

Migration law is a branch of jurisprudence that is one of the most popular among the clients of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm. Our team specializes in this area, so you can get high-quality services in the matters you are interested in – from consulting to support in cooperation with authorized state bodies and representation in court.

If you are interested in obtaining an immigration permit to Ukraine, our specialists regularly support such cases, so they can provide high-quality legal services.


What does the current legislation on immigration say?

This issue is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Immigration”. In particular, parts 2 and 3 of Article 4 of this legal act refer to the categories of immigrants who can obtain the relevant permit. If a large number of immigrants arrive in Ukraine, the authorized bodies responsible for implementing the state policy on migration issues may set an immigration quota. This term refers to the maximum number of persons who may immigrate to Ukraine during a calendar year.

When it comes to immigration within the quota, there are 10 categories of persons for whom it is available. For example, these can be figures of science and culture whose immigration to Ukraine is in the interests of our country. It also includes investors who have invested at least USD 100 thousand in the Ukrainian economy. Full brothers and sisters of Ukrainian citizens, former citizens of Ukraine, foreign military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not the whole list of persons who are allowed to immigrate to our country within the quota. If you are interested in this issue in more detail, the lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm are ready to tell you about it in a consulting format.

Now let’s consider the categories of persons who are allowed to immigrate to Ukraine outside the quota. These include:

  1. a spouse who has been married to a Ukrainian citizen for more than 2 years
  2. children and parents of Ukrainian citizens;
  3. guardians and custodians of Ukrainian citizens, as well as persons in respect of whom a Ukrainian citizen is a guardian or custodian;
  4. those who have the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship on the basis of territorial origin (except for persons who had Ukrainian citizenship earlier);
  5. those whose immigration is of national interest to our country;
  6. foreign Ukrainians, their children and the second spouse (this applies only to cases of joint entry into the territory of Ukraine);
  7. stateless persons who have resided in Ukraine for 2 years since they received this status.

This list of categories of persons for whom immigration is available outside the quota is exhaustive.

How can I get a permit to immigrate to Ukraine?

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • You need to collect a package of required documents. During consultations, we tell our clients about this in detail, not just providing general information, but also guiding them in the legal norms that are relevant to their situation.
  • If a person who wants to immigrate to Ukraine is currently living abroad, he or she must apply for an immigration permit at a diplomatic mission or consular office of our country. This happens at the foreigner’s place of residence. If you are already legally residing in Ukraine, you should apply to the territorial unit of the State Migration Service at your place of residence.

When a decision on an immigration permit is made, representatives of the authorized state bodies send a copy to the applicant within 3 business days. If the person submitted documents abroad, they are sent to the relevant diplomatic institution, whose representatives notify the applicant. The period for consideration of the application should not exceed 6 months from the date of its submission.


Why is it worth contacting us?

Despite the fact that there is a sufficient amount of general information on obtaining an immigration permit in the public domain, it is important for any applicant to know how to act in his or her specific situation – from collecting the necessary package of documents to interacting with the authorized bodies that issue immigration permits.

The support of a professional lawyer specializing in migration law can make a significant difference by greatly simplifying the entire process – from collecting documents to obtaining a permit.

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Do you need legal support in obtaining an immigration permit to Ukraine?


Expert in migration and corporate law practices also specializes in legal support for start-up projects.

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