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Establishing the order of participation in raising a child

Raising a child is an extremely important aspect of his life that shapes his personality and determines his future.

In Ukraine, as in any other country, establishing the order of participation in raising a child is a relevant and important topic.

The role of the family in raising a child

The family plays an important role in the formation of a child’s personality and life values. Your child learns, grows, and develops in the family environment, and the role of the family in this process is undeniable.

  1. The basis of personality formation. Family is the first social environment for a child. In this environment, she learns social skills and develops her own views and beliefs. Parents, as natural leaders, become an example to follow, and their actions and words form the basis for further relationships in society.
  2. Love and support. Love and support provided by the family determine the emotional background of the child. This gives her a sense of security, understanding, and self-respect. Providing a warm, positive atmosphere in the family contributes to the child’s psychological development and forms his emotional intelligence.
  3. Communication between generations. A family is a place of transmission of traditions, values, ​​and knowledge from generation to generation. This connection with the past not only preserves the cultural heritage but also gives the child a clear understanding of his roots and identity.

Important aspects to consider in raising a family:

  • Establishing healthy communication in the family.
  • Dissemination of knowledge and important skills.
  • Rise values ​​that determine ethical standards.
  • Development of independence and responsibility.

The family acts as the primary environment for raising a child, playing a key role in the formation of his personality and readiness for further life in society.

Parents and family ties create a foundation for a child’s successful development, which affects his future.

Partnership between family and school

  • Interaction for development. The school and the family must interact to ensure the full development of the child.
  • Joint activities. The organization of joint events, consultations, and meetings to discuss education issues contributes to solving problems and establishing effective communication.
  • Support of the teaching staff. Providing support to teachers and school staff in their educational roles helps to create a positive learning environment.

State support in raising children

The role of the state in raising children is determined by the important task of creating appropriate conditions for their full-fledged physical, social, and intellectual development. State support in this context is aimed at creating a favorable environment where children will have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

  1. Educational reforms. The state implements educational reforms to improve the quality of education and upbringing. Emphasis is placed on the implementation of modern methods, the development of creativity, and the practical skills of students. Educational programs are revised to meet the needs of modern society.
  2. Social programs. The state develops and implements social programs aimed at supporting families and children in difficult life circumstances. This may include financial assistance, social protection services, and counseling and psychological support.
  3. Support for inclusive education. The state develops inclusive education, ensuring equal access to education for all children, including those with developmental disabilities. This involves the creation of special conditions and programs to meet the needs of children with different categories of requests.

Important aspects of state support in raising children:

  • Financial support.Providing families with financial stability to provide children with the necessary resources for their development.
  • Ensuring access to quality medical care and preventive measures.
  • Support for family upbringing.Providing parents with practical resources and consultations on education issues.
  • Prevention measures.Implementation of measures to prevent social problems and dangers for children.
  • Creating a safe environment. Ensuring the safety of children in their environment and in society in general.

State support in raising children is a key element in building a society that cares about its future. Providing children with all the necessary resources and conditions is an important investment in the development of the nation.

According to Article 153 of the Family Code of Ukraine, the mother, father, and child have the right to unimpeded communication with each other, except when such right is limited by law. There are several options for determining the participation in the upbringing of the child of the parent who lives separately from the child.

Conclusion of an agreement on the exercise of parental rights and the fulfillment of duties by those of them who live separately from the child.

Parents have the right to agree to the exercise of parental rights and the fulfillment of duties by those of them who live separately from the child. The contract is concluded in writing and is subject to notarization.


Establishing the order of participation in the upbringing of a child in Ukraine is a task facing the family, school, community, and the state.

Only the interaction of these components can guarantee the full development of children and their preparation for life in modern society.

Active participation of all parties in education is the key to creating a healthy and harmonious society.

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