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Yasinskiy Yevhen

Head of tax law practice

An expert in the practice of tax law, specializes in the protection of rights in court, corporate and labor law.

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Obtaining a fuel storage license

Yasinskiy Yevhen
Head of tax law practice

An expert in the practice of tax law, specializes in the protection of rights in court, corporate and labor law.

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According to the current legislation, business entities of all forms of ownership can store fuel. However, this requires a license. If you are interested in licensing issues related to the storage of fuel, the team of the Prikhodko&Partners law office is ready to provide high-quality advice and provide legal support in the procedure for obtaining a license. But before we touch upon this issue in more detail, we invite you to learn the general features of the licensing procedure when it comes to storing fuel.

What are the requirements to obtain a license?

The license is valid for 5 years. In order to receive it, you need to submit an application to the State Tax Service. This can be done in one of several ways:

  • coming in person;
  • by sending by mail;
  • sent electronically.

Along with your application, you must submit a document confirming that you have paid the license fee. The following documents (or duly certified copies thereof) are also required:

  • a document confirming the right of ownership or use of the land plot where the facility for storing or trading fuel is located;
  • an act or certificate certifying that such an object is ready for operation;
  • permit confirming the possibility of performing high-risk work.


If such documents are present in open state registers, then copies of them do not need to be submitted. The main thing is to indicate in the application the document numbers and the names of the registers in which they can be found. It is also important to know that enterprises that use fuel only for their own needs or industrial processing do not have to submit the mentioned documents. You just need to indicate in the application that the fuel will be used for processing or for your own consumption.

When is a license needed and when is it not?

In addition to all of the above, it is important to clarify when a license is not needed. This only applies to the case when enterprises store fuel for themselves in consumer containers that are no more than 5 liters. Of course, this also includes storing fuel in the vehicle’s fuel tank. In general, you can store fuel in a total volume of up to 2 tons without a license.

There are some other cases that we tell our clients in detail when providing advisory services. You can find out about this by using the services of the team at the Prikhodko&Partners law office. In this interaction, we share current knowledge based on many years of experience and regular monitoring of legislative updates. So, if your business really needs a license, we will help you get it without any problems or complications. In addition to consultations, our team provides full legal support for the procedure. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

So, you contact us to assist you in obtaining a license. We draw up documents that confirm our powers as legal representatives. And then we begin to do everything necessary in a turnkey format, interacting with the State Tax Service. This frees you from excessive expenditure of effort and time, helping you not to be distracted from the immediate operational tasks of your business.

What is the price of a license and what are the consequences of not having one?

Every year you need to pay an amount of 780 hryvnia for a license. It must be issued within 20 days from the date of submission of the application and the accompanying package of documents. If a license is refused, this must also be within the specified period and with an explanation of the reason.


If we talk about fines for storing fuel without a license, they are huge. 500 thousand hryvnia fines provide for such an offense. The same applies to the wholesale trade of fuel. If we are talking about retail trade, then this will be a fine of 250 thousand hryvnia. And for producing fuel without a license you will have to pay a fine of 1 million hryvnia. If we compare these amounts with the very small fee for the license itself, then a rational decision regarding its registration is obvious. Therefore, contact qualified specialists to:

  • find out if a license is needed in your case;
  • order support in receiving it so that everything is done quickly, without unnecessary effort and in accordance with current legislation.

Our team will help you take care of everything and thereby avoid fines, stress and misunderstandings with regulatory authorities. The team at the Prikhodko&Partners law office includes specialists who regularly deal with such client requests and know them well.

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