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Payments to military personnel for injuries

Specializing in military law

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When a person, upon mobilization, goes to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine or declares on his own initiative to sign a contract, this is an honorable and worthy duty to defend the Motherland. However, its execution is always associated with an increased risk to life and health. It is not surprising that the state has provided payments for injuries for those military personnel who lost part of their health in the war. Payments for injuries is a topic with which our clients often come to us. Military law is one of the areas in which the team of the Prikhodko&Partners law office specializes. So, we invite you to learn in more detail about how you need to act in order to receive payments to the military for injuries. We will also tell you how we can be useful in this matter.

Payments to military personnel in case of injury: procedure for receiving

In order for military personnel to receive compensation for injuries, it is necessary to follow the procedure provided for by current legislation. First, it involves passing the Military Military Commission. It is the military medical commission that records the deterioration in health that occurred as a result of the injury and determines the degree of suitability of the military man to continue serving.

At first glance, everything looks clear, but practice shows that representatives of the Military Military Commission often do not indicate in their resolution the real condition of the serviceman. There are quite a few cases where the real harm to the health of an artificial military man was diminished. It is for such situations that there is a procedure for appealing the decision of the Military Military Commission, and here lawyers specializing in military law can provide high-quality help.


In addition to the decision of the Military Military Commission, an important role is played by a certificate from the military unit, which records the circumstances under which the injuries were received. It is this that reflects the cause-and-effect relationship between deteriorating health and participation in hostilities related to the defense of the Motherland. If problems also arise at this stage, and you see yourself as a hostage to bureaucratic processes, then legal assistance will be very helpful.

What payments are provided for injuries?

When we talk about such an issue as a lump sum payment for injuries, we should turn to the legislation governing this topic. Here we are talking primarily about the Law of Ukraine “On the social and legal protection of military personnel and their families.” There is also a relevant Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated December 25, 2013 № 975. If the Law simply states that compensation for injuries must be paid, then the Resolution specifies how much such payment should be to military personnel for injuries.

So, the amount of payment directly depends on whether the military person received disability due to injury. If not, then its size will fluctuate between 50-70 subsistence minimums, depending on various circumstances. When providing our advisory services, we tell clients about this in more detail and appeal to what norms of the current legislation govern their particular situation.

As for the injury that led to disability, here again everything depends on her group. If we are talking about group I, then the serviceman will receive a payment of 400 times the subsistence minimum. If this is group II, then we are talking about a 300-fold size, and if it’s a group III, then it’s about 250-fold.

What difficulties may arise?

The greater the degree of disability, the greater the funds provided as compensation. But at the same time, the greater the bureaucratic pressure on the serviceman, who, in addition to the stress of losing his health, receives additional emotional stress.

Turning to professional lawyers helps to significantly simplify interaction with authorized government bodies whose competence is the issue of payment of compensation for injuries. These are the kind of specialists we have in our law office team. We offer our clients the following key services:


Consultations. They can be provided in a format convenient for you. For example, when it comes to people who cannot visit our office, we offer video or telephone consultations.


Legal support. If you do not have the desire or strength to independently contact government agencies, then you can entrust us with the powers of your legal representatives in this matter. We will handle such a case well, because he has a lot of experience.


Representation of interests in court. When your rights are violated, and the only way to protect yourself is to go to court, we do an excellent job.


So, our lawyers will help you efficiently resolve the issue of receiving payment for injuries and not spend too much time and effort on it. We are regularly contacted by clients with such requests, so we know how to act to help.

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