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Kovalev Artem

Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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Preparation for search

Recently, there have been quite often situations where law enforcement officers carry out searches. They act as one of the important tools of influence.

A search is one of the investigative actions aimed at obtaining evidence that will help to obtain certain information. This information is necessary to investigate or confirm the commission of a crime. The main purpose of the search is to confiscate various constituent elements that can become evidence in criminal proceedings. Such evidence includes documents, financial requests, invoices, equipment, currency, etc. However, searches are not always conducted legitimately, that is, legally. That is why it is best to prepare for the search. This is one of the services provided by our lawyers – specialists Prykhodko and Partners.

Peculiarities of searches

According to official statistics, most searches are based on Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Tax Evasion”. At the same time, only one out of ten cases ends in a real criminal case, and only 9% of them result in a corresponding sentence.

What can be the grounds for searches? It can be, for example, data of previously received suspicions or evidence that became known to law enforcement officers during the pre-trial investigation. Among other things, it can be an analysis of witness statements, financial activities, transactions that cause suspicion, etc.

In most cases, it is quite difficult to predict the implementation of investigative actions by representatives of law enforcement agencies. In their activities, law enforcement officers are guided by the principles of surprise and secrecy. A search for representatives of law enforcement agencies is prepared to the smallest detail, a pre-planned set of actions.

It is very important to understand the following: conducting a search is not 100% evidence of possible illegal actions committed by the owners or tenants of the premises where investigative actions are conducted. Criminal actions of counterparties are among the reasons for the search. In addition, there are many cases of groundless searches. In any case, it is better to think in advance about the preparation of the enterprise for the search. Prykhodko and Partners lawyers will provide the necessary recommendations and protection strategy to minimize negative consequences for your business.

Preparation of the enterprise for search

Preparing an enterprise for a search is a complex work that consists of the following stages:

  • Conclusion of an agreement on the provision of legal assistance with a professional bar association.

Prykhodko and Partners is a law firm that specializes in protecting private businesses from criminal prosecution. First of all, it is necessary for large enterprises with various stores, warehouses, premises that can be located at different addresses.

  • Signing a contract with our lawyers is a guarantee of timely legal assistance.

Conducting staff training on actions in the event of a possible search.

The employees of your enterprise must be ready for a possible search. We will hold all the necessary conversations, seminars, and briefings. It is very important for employees to remember one important rule – a search is not an interrogation. That is why it is forbidden to give the investigator any explanations that have not been previously agreed with the lawyer.

  • Providing recommendations to the head of the enterprise regarding the algorithm of actions during the search.

Thus, concluding a contract with the Prykhodko and Partners law firm is a reliable protection against uncontrolled developments during the search. We carry out operational searches, advise our clients 24/7.

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Kovalev Artem
Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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