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Vorozhbitova Krystyna

Chief Accountant

Leading specialist with practical experience in economics and accounting.

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Accountant remotely

Accounting outsourcing is the optimal solution for entrepreneurs who seek to optimize costs, improve work efficiency and get rid of the need to maintain a staff of accountants.

What is accounting outsourcing?

Accounting outsourcing is the transfer of accounting functions to a specialized company. This may include primary documentation, reporting, payroll, tax consulting and other accounting services.

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Advantages of accounting outsourcing

Compared to an ordinary accountant, outsourcing has a large number of advantages, which makes it very popular. The main advantages include:

Saving money:

  • Reduction of salary costs, because there is no need to maintain a staff of accountants.
  • No hardware, software or workplace costs.
  • Savings on education and professional development of accountants.

Increasing efficiency:

  • Professional accountants have deep knowledge and experience, which allows them to quickly and efficiently perform work.
  • Application of modern technologies and software.
  • No need to distract full-time employees from their main tasks.

Risk reduction:

  • Accounting companies are responsible for the mistakes of their employees.
  • Ensuring compliance of accounting with all applicable legal requirements.
  • Reducing the risk of fraud and abuse.

Access to current information:

  • Accounting companies are constantly updating their knowledge and software.
  • Guarantee of accounting in accordance with the latest changes in legislation.
  • Access to consultations on tax legislation.


  • The ability to order only those services that you really need.
  • The ability to scale the scope of services according to the needs of your business.
  • There is no need to keep a staff of accountants “on reserve”.

Other advantages:

  • Freeing up time and resources for business development.
  • Increasing transparency and control over financial activities.
  • Ability to focus on strategic issues.
  • Improving the company’s image.

Thus, many large companies and small businesses are switching to remote accountants.

Who is accounting outsourcing suitable for?

Accounting outsourcing can be beneficial for:

  1. Small and medium businesses. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on the development of their business without being distracted by accounting issues.
  2. Startups This saves money at the initial stage of business development, when there is no urgent need for an in-house staff of accountants.
  3. Individual entrepreneurs. This makes accounting and reporting easier.
  4. Companies with a seasonal nature of work. This allows you to optimize the costs of accounting services depending on the volume of work.

“Prykhodko and partners” company: reliable and professional accounting outsourcing

The company “Prykhodko and partners” is a team of experienced specialists, including accountants, who offer a wide range of accounting outsourcing services. We work with enterprises of any size and field of activity.

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Our advantages:

  1. High qualification. Our accountants have many years of work experience and regularly take advanced training courses.
  2. Individual approach. We develop optimal solutions for each client, taking into account their needs and specifics of doing business.
  3. Privacy. We guarantee full confidentiality of all information we work with.
  4. Transparent prices. We offer fair prices for our services.
  5. A comprehensive approach. We can provide you with a full range of accounting services, from initial documentation to annual reporting.

Contact us today for a detailed consultation. We will be happy to help you optimize your costs, increase work efficiency and get rid of the need to maintain a staff of accountants.

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Vorozhbitova Krystyna
Chief Accountant

Leading specialist with practical experience in economics and accounting.

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