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Car customs clearance lawyer

Perepelchenko Anatolii
Заступник керуючого партнера

Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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Disassembly of the motor vehicle.

How to dismantle a car? How much of a requirement to use the services of a customs broker? What difficulties may arise during the customs clearance of the car?As a matter of fact, the new (last) owners of vehicles purchased from abroad do not have any information about the persons who were the last sellers, not to mention more informative information. A large part of non-residents who bring such cars to the territory of Ukraine may not even be aware of the decisions to confiscate the cars.

New owners of cars of this category (so-called “Euro cars”) in most cases are not informed about such court decisions, as the law does not require them to be informed about this. However, when they start the process of drawing up the documents for removal of the car, this category of motorists may get the unpleasant news that the court decided to confiscate the car for the benefit of the state.

In order to protect yourself from the similar unpleasantness, you can contact the Law Company “Prykhodko Partners” and our lawyers will check whether the car is not confiscated by the court decision.

Nowadays the lawyers explain that the legislation does not require to apply to a customs broker or specialized company. But there is a special program for uploading such an electronic customs declaration with an electronic digital signature in the system of the State Customs Service.

Short list of documents necessary for acceptance of the car

The following list of documents must be prepared and submitted for successful vehicle acceptance:

  • Sales and Purchase Agreement
  • Documents from the bank regarding the car being valued;
  • Also important will be the documents that can confirm the value of the car.
  • The contract with third parties, the subject of which is the supply of cars; Proof of payments to third parties under the contract for the supply of cars;
  • You will also need a copy of the customs declaration of the exporting country;
  • Specific conclusions about the quality characteristics of the car, its value;
  • Advice on the cost of an analogous car in the exporting country.

Steps of vehicle distribution:

Passing the cordon by the vehicle;
Obtaining the certificate of conformity, placing the vehicle in Ukraine;
Registration of the car at the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Conclusion: Procedure of acceptance of cars, especially problem ones (“Eurobikes”) is very specific and requires certain time and resources. If you have a need to disassemble the car you can try to do it yourself or if necessary you can be assisted by a mechanic.


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