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Criminal law

Quite often, a completely innocent person is under the yoke of state accusations. Cases of unjustified overstatement of punishment are no less common. To defeat injustice and successfully oppose the prosecution and abuse by law enforcement agencies, it is recommended to contact a lawyer.

How can a lawyer help in your criminal case?

A criminal case is a complex and complex process that includes both an investigation of a crime and a trial. The tasks of a lawyer include the following actions:

  • representation of the accused or suspected client in court and investigative authorities;
  • appeal against actions of law enforcement agencies;
  • participation in investigative procedural actions;
  • collecting evidence of the client’s innocence;
  • refutation of the position of the prosecution.

Remember, it will be disastrously difficult to confront the position of the accusation alone. The investigation can use many methods of influence. You simply will not have the proper level of knowledge of legal instruments and knowledge of procedural legislation to protect your own rights and interests. By contacting a competent criminal lawyer, you get professional help and relieve yourself of pressure from the investigating authorities.

What do you get by contacting a criminal lawyer?

First of all – the qualified assistance of a specialist who knows the specifics of the criminal legislation and communication with the investigating authorities. A representative of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm will be able to:

  • protect you from unfounded accusations;
  • close a criminal case at the stage of investigation (if there is adequate evidence);
  • collect evidence that testifies to your innocence in the crime;
  • reduce the severity of punishment (if necessary, if the case comes to court).

If you want to competently defend your rights and interests from the encroachments of the prosecution, regardless of the degree of guilt, then we strongly recommend that you enlist the support of a criminal lawyer.

Representation in criminal cases from Prikhodko & Partners is your opportunity to restore your reputation, avoid serious punishment and refute the position of the prosecution in court.

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