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Assigning a cadastral number

Perepelchenko Anatolii
Заступник керуючого партнера

Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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Assigning a cadastral number

The cadastral number is a unique number that is determined by the land plot and does not provide for the repetition of the digital code. Throughout the entire time for the use of the land plot, the assigned number remains unchanged and is the basis for any documentation that relates to the land plot. The cadastral number remains unchanged even in the event of a transfer of ownership or a change in purpose.

The cadastral number is assigned for the following actions:

  • Privatization of the land
  • Transfer of ownership or lease of a land plot
  • Allocation or consolidation of land plots
  • Changes in the purpose of the land plot
  • Signing of the act on the establishment of boundaries

How can I assign a cadastral number?

You must be warned right away that long queues await you at government agencies. You need to submit a specific package of documents. Have you ever faced queues at such bodies?

Draw your attention to!

State acts on the ownership of land plots, which have a yellow-red cover, which date from 2002, are legally binding, but do not have an assigned cadastral number. Which is not considered a complete registration of a land plot. Thus, you will still need to make such a design. Better earlier than later to make the registration of the land. Let’s explain why. A situation may happen to you when the neighbors of your site also want to assign a cadastral number to the site, but the boundaries are superimposed on one another. And as a result, they lead to legal proceedings. If you have entered the statements into the State Land Registry, then you have less chance of encountering the above situation.

Які потрібні документи для присвоєння кадастрового номера:

  • a certified copy of the state act on the ownership of the land plot
  • a certified copy of the applicant’s passport and code
  • certified copy of TIN
  • certified copy
  • a certified copy of the technical documentation for the real estate object located on this land plot.

The process of assigning a cadastral number itself is not a quick procedure. For the latter, you must obtain a package of permits.

The following steps are required:

Works of cadastral surveying of a land plot
Development of documentation for the establishment of land boundaries
Obtaining a monetary assessment of the site
Registration of the site in the State Land Cadastre

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