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Commissioning of the store

Lawyer of real estate, construction and land law

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Commissioning is one of the most important stages in construction. This applies to any real estate object. The commissioning of a store is no exception. This procedure requires high-quality legal documentation.

Putting the store into operation is a complex of activities that involves the completion of various stages: from the preparation of all the necessary documentation to the receipt of ownership documents. Without putting the property into operation, it is impossible to connect it to communications. Lawyers PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS will help you put the store into operation in accordance with all norms of current Ukrainian legislation and urban planning conditions.

What are the features of the store commissioning procedure?

According to the current Ukrainian legislation, shops belong to objects of III-V levels of complexity. This means the following: for the commissioning of these objects, it will be necessary to go through a more complicated path, the result of which will be the receipt of a certificate of compliance of the real estate object with the Declaration.

Let’s get acquainted in more detail with the features of putting the store into operation. After all the construction works foreseen by the developed project are completed, a special document is drawn up – the Act of putting the facility into operation. This Act must be signed by a specially created commission. After this Act is approved, it is submitted for consideration to the State Inspection of Urban Planning and Architecture. According to the results of the inspection of the object, the owner receives a Certificate of Conformity.

The commissioning of the store can be carried out by architectural and construction control bodies with the appointment of examinations, sample selection, photo and video recording, and the involvement of other organizations and state bodies.

You may also need:

  • Executive documentation.
  • Project documentation.
  • Materials and references, explanations on issues that arose during the inspection.

Before issuing the Certificate of Readiness, a detailed technical inventory of the object is made, after which a technical passport is drawn up. These data are included in the permit to put the store into operation.

Important: the procedure for putting the store into operation must comply with all town planning conditions and restrictions.

Assistance of professional lawyers in putting the store into operation

In the process of putting the store into operation, you will definitely have to complete a solid package of documents, stand in lines and communicate with officials.

If you value all your time, nerves and finances, it is better to entrust it to real professionals – lawyers of PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS. We are specialists in this field. Among our advantages:

  • Issuance of all documents for putting the store into operation as quickly and qualitatively as possible.
  • Extensive practical experience of working with objects of this level of complexity.
  • Non-disclosure of confidential information.

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