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Excise lawyer

Excise lawyer


Prykhodko Andrii

Excise lawyer

A tax lawyer must understand which groups of goods belong to the group of excisable goods.

When developing your business, think about marketing strategies, and entrust the settlement of legal issues to a specialist.Andrey Prikhodko

This is in accordance with Article 215 of the Tax Code:

  • alcohol, alcoholic beverages, including beer;
  • tobacco and tobacco products (cigarettes), as well as tobacco substitutes;
  • liquids for electronic cigarettes;
  • fuel for vehicles with internal combustion engines, except for propane-butane gas;
  • cars and trailers for them;
  • electricity.

The most common questions of a tax attorney who understands excise tax:

  • how to obtain a wholesale or retail license to trade excisable goods, cigarettes, fuel, tobacco, alcohol
  • how to determine by the QUED code whether it is necessary pay retail excise tax?
  • do I need to register as an excise tax payer to trade in beer?
  • what reports do I need to file for trade in alcohol or cigarettes?
  • do I need to register an excise tax for trade in fuel diesel gasoline?
  • how is the excise tax return filed?
  • how to submit a report on the sale of alcohol, cigar t, alcohol?
  • when and how to write off excise stamps?
  • how is wholesale and retail trade in fuel processed?
  • how to register alcohol imports and when to glue stamps?
  • how to register the import and sale of electronic cigarettes?
  • how to submit an excise invoice? What are the penalties for not submitting excise invoices?
  • how not to pay excise (excise tax) in case of loss of goods?
  • receipt, write-off and excise tax on fuel at the enterprise?
  • how write off fuel coupons?

Consult an excise tax attorney

A tax attorney consultation could be


May be by phone or at the office of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm. It is more suitable in cases of a one-time, not difficult question. On average, the cost is 500 UAH for 30 minutes of communication.



Tax consultation letters are a legal opinion with an analysis of your situation, legislation, tax inspection practice, judicial practice, and most importantly – recommendations on the plan and algorithm of actions. The cost of such a consultation ranges from UAH 3000 to UAH 20,000.


Services of a tax attorney for excise tax.

  1. Tax advice.
  2. Preparation of legal opinions.
  3. Contacting the tax office.
  4. Obtaining a license for wholesale and retail trade in excisable goods.
  5. Legal support of tax audits and preparation of responses to inquiries from the tax office.
  6. Appealing tax notices of decisions.
  7. Determination of fictitious enterprises and operations.

The cost of the services of a tax attorney is on average $ 100 per hour of work, but it can be more profitable if received within the framework of:

How we work:

Leave a request in a convenient way for you: through the feedback form by e-mail or call
We hold a meeting, discuss the terms of cooperation
We sign a contract, you pay for the service and we start working on your question right away

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Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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What are the most relevant issues in the field of tax law at the moment?

For legal entities it is:

  • blocking of tax invoices;
  • exclusion of the enterprise from the list of risky enterprises;
  • PPR appeal;
  • other disputes with the DPS of Ukraine.

As for natural persons, requests for:

  • financial monitoring;
  • export of cash abroad;
  • confirmation of origin of funds.

By contacting our tax law specialists, you will receive detailed advice from practitioners who deal with various client issues in the field of tax law and financial monitoring every day. We can say that the sooner the client consults a lawyer or an advocate, the better result we can achieve in solving the client’s problem. Experts of the company “Prikhodko & Partners” will take care of your tax and legal aspects. Leave an application on the website and our lawyer/advocate will contact you in the near future.

  • Application
  • Calling a lawyer
    and defining tasks
  • Contract and payment
  • Consultation,
    case analysis, specialist work
Is it possible to get a lawyer's consultation online if it is not possible to come to the office?

Of course. We provide consultations both online and in the office. Online consultation is possible in any convenient way for the client. It can be a video call through a convenient messenger or a video conference format.

Where to complain to the tax office?

You can appeal the decision of the tax office in the district administrative court. We provide full support for tax disputes. If you need legal support that will give results – leave a request on our website.

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