Liquidation of a company

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Liquidation of a company

Liquidation of a company


Perepelchenko Anatolii

Liquidation of a company

Starting your own business and business from scratch is not an easy task, requiring investment of time and money. But there are times when the enterprise needs to be closed. In accordance with civil law, a legal entity, that is, a firm, is terminated by reorganization or liquidation.

Reorganization of a firm is a process in which the activity of a firm changes, that is, two enterprises can be formed from one enterprise, or vice versa. The liquidation of the company may in this case mean the complete cessation of its activities.

It is worth noting that the company is considered liquidated from the moment the information is entered into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs. The process of liquidating an enterprise is quite troublesome because it takes a lot of time and effort. If you do not have time to independently engage in the liquidation process, you can apply for services for the liquidation of a company in specialized entities.

Where to start and where to get help with LLC liquidation?

The first step for the liquidation of an enterprise should be the decision of its founders. Usually such a decision is made by the general meeting of the enterprise. The decision on liquidation is formalized by the minutes of the General Meeting. But it is worth remembering that the decision will be legitimate only when at least 2⁄3 of their members are present. In general, the liquidation process of an enterprise should be provided for in the Articles of Association.

After deciding on the liquidation of the company, you need to create a liquidation commission or liquidator. The decision to create this commission should be taken by the same body that decided to liquidate the enterprise.

These are only the first two stages that you need to go through when liquidating an enterprise. It is worth noting that by applying for services for the closure of an LLC, you can be helped in the preparation of the Minutes of the General Meeting on liquidation, as well as in the creation of a liquidation commission or liquidator.

The next step will be to disseminate information that the company is being liquidated, usually this distribution is done through the print media. This is necessary so that creditors can present their claims to the company that is being liquidated.



Today, this process can take a long time, but you can use the express liquidation of LLC. This service means that the termination of the enterprise will take place as soon as possible and the liquidation of the LLC will take place on a turnkey basis.Another step that must be carried out in the event of an urgent liquidation of an LLC is the assessment of all property and the calculation of estimates to meet the claims of creditors.


What is the cost of liquidating a legal entity?

The price equivalent of the LLC liquidation service is different. It depends on whether it is an express liquidation of an LLC or a regular liquidation. Also, the cost of services for the liquidation of an LLC is affected by the closure of an LLC with debts or the liquidation of an LLC without debts.

List of required documents for liquidation of a company:

  • Documents for the State Registrar – a notarized copy of the decision on liquidation and documents confirming the filing of the announcement of the beginning of liquidation are submitted to the state registrar.
  • The tax inspectorate must apply to a legal entity to deregister it, drawn up in the form No. 8-OPP, a decision on the liquidation of an enterprise (copy), a copy of the decision on the appointment of a commission, a statement from the state registrar confirming the entry into the register of a mark on liquidation, then a financial statement must be submitted within 10 days.
  • Submission of applications to state bodies for the liquidation of a legal entity (pension fund, social insurance fund and others). Such applications must be submitted within ten days from the date of the decision on liquidation.
  • Closing bank accounts of the liquidated company.
  • Transfer of documents of the liquidated enterprise to archival institutions.
  • Obtaining a certificate from the state registrar on the liquidation of the enterprise.

As noted above, the liquidation process of an enterprise often needs help. Since it is not entirely clear where to start and how to end the liquidation process.

When do you need a lawyer to liquidate a legal entity?

  • You cannot do without the help of a specialist if you need to resolve the issue of changing the organizational and legal form.
  • Full or partial replacement of owners of corporate rights, as well as in cases of: liquidation of an enterprise (voluntarily or compulsorily).
  • Filing a claim against the debtor.
  • Decision-making on liquidation of emergency.
  • The need to collect documents and draw up an appropriate application to the court to initiate a bankruptcy case for an LLC.

By contacting a law firm, you can get the best option to resolve the issue that worries.

It should be noted that such legal companies that help to liquidate an LLC offer a wide range of services at an optimal price. You can order both turnkey LLC liquidation and individual services, such as assistance in submitting documents to the state registrar or assistance in deciding on the liquidation of an enterprise. The cost of liquidating an LLC with debts may be slightly higher than the cost of liquidating the firm without debt. But having paid once, you can be sure that the desired result will be achieved.+

What is more profitable to use the help to liquidate the company?

  • It will take much less time than dealing with this issue yourself.
  • Saving not only time but also money.
  • Full compliance with the legislation.
  • Confidence in the result.

To order a company liquidation service, just call or write and the manager will contact you and discuss all the details of the work. That is, you don’t even need to leave the house to get a quick and desired result.

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