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Register the copyright of the song

In Ukraine, the procedure for registering copyrights for a song is an important stage for protecting the intellectual property of creators of musical works.

Registration will provide very important benefits and protection of creator’s rights.

Basic provisions on copyright in Ukraine

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights”, copyright covers works of literature, art and science, including musical works.

The author has the right to acknowledge authorship and to determine how his work will be used.


Importance of copyright registration

Although copyright arises automatically, registration in Ukraine allows the author to prove his right in case of infringement. Registered copyrights create a public record that serves as proof of authorship and the date the work was created.

Song copyright registration procedure

To register a copyright for a song in Ukraine, you need to submit an application to UKRNOIVI. The application must contain information about the author, a description of the work and other necessary data.

Benefits of registration

Copyright registration gives the author a number of advantages. This includes the ability to claim compensation in the event of infringement, as well as the ability to transfer or sell rights to others.

Important nuances and tips

It is recommended to keep all documents related to the creation and registration of the work for possible future challenges.

What will happen if you do not register the copyright for the song?

Unregistered song copyright can have serious consequences for the creator.

The main bad effects include:

  • Violation of the right to recognition of authorship: Without registration, there is a risk of non-recognition of authorship, which can complicate the determination of ownership rights and the author’s participation in the use of the work.
  • Loss of ability to seek compensation: Registered copyrights allow the author to seek compensation in the event of infringement, while unregistered rights may limit legal remedies.
  • The need for additional evidence: In court cases without registration, there may be a need for other evidence of ownership, which complicates the process of protecting rights.
  • Risk of illegitimate use: Failure to register may increase the risk of illegitimate use of the work, as others may use it without consent and without compensation.
  • Loss of transferability: Registered rights make it easier to transfer them to others, for example for commercial use or sale.


As a legal company, we, “Prykhodko and Partners”, stand guard over your creative property, offering copyright registration services for your songs. Get legal protection and peace of mind by choosing our expert support.

  • Copyright registration process:

Copyright registration is an important step in recognizing your creative contribution. At our company, we understand the importance of every note and word in your song. Our highly qualified lawyers are ready to guide you through the entire registration process, providing full legal support from start to finish.

  • Legal examination in the field of music:

Our company specializes in intellectual property, particularly in the music industry. We understand the unique challenges musicians face. Our legal expertise allows us to accurately identify your needs and ensure that your creativity is properly protected.

  • Guarantee of legal integrity:

We pride ourselves on our legal integrity and transparency. Each stage of the registration process will be carefully explained, and all necessary documents will be prepared according to high legal standards.

  • Contact us:

Do not waste time – contact “Prykhodko and partners” to get the highest degree of protection of your creativity. We are your trusted partners in identifying and protecting your unique musical heritage.

In conclusion, the registration of copyright for a song in Ukraine is an effective way to protect the intellectual property of musicians. This process helps ensure fair recognition of creative contributions and legal protection in the event of infringement.

Protect your creative rights – register copyrights with “Prykhodko and partners”.

Our law firm guarantees reliable legal protection of your musical heritage.
Join the creative minds who have already felt the impact of our intellectual property expertise.
Register copyright – protect your talent together with “Prykhodko and partners”.

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Specialist in the field of intellectual property. Specializes in registration and protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks.

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