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Real estate and construction

Disputes related to real estate and land are included in the list of the most common lawsuits in Ukraine. To solve once and for all the questions that arise about the use and ownership of real estate, it is desirable to seek the help of a lawyer from the company “Prikhodko and Partners”.

How can a lawyer help solve a real estate issue?

In practice, there are a large number of violations related to the possession or disposal of real estate. Examples:

  • conflict over land boundaries. Neighbors are trying to take away part of the land;
  • disputes related to home ownership;
  • illegal construction of the facility;
  • recognition of ownership of the constructed object;
  • allocation of land from the common plot.

In all these cases, the support of a professional lawyer is extremely important, as these disputes lead to court. A court lawyer from Prikhodko & Partners will help:

  • file a lawsuit in court;
  • collect evidence in the case;
  • study examples of case law on your issue;
  • represent your rights and interests in court.

Real estate is inextricably linked to land, resulting in frequent property disputes: one person claims his right to the object, while the direct builder seeks to recognize ownership. It is in such and similar cases that the support of a competent lawyer is important.

What will a lawyer do in court?

The task of a professional representative is to protect your rights and interests related to real estate, whether land or a private house.

The lawyer in court will be:

  • speak on your behalf and in defense of your rights;
  • refute the arguments of the opposite party;
  • present evidence and request various procedures.

Disputes with state and local authorities deserve special attention. Municipalities often have conflicts with homeowners, which can involve both illegal construction and seizure of land for urban use.
If you have encountered these abuses, do not hesitate – contact the company “Prikhodko and Partners”. We will find a solution to the land problem in a short time.

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