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Division of the house into two separate ones

Lawyer of real estate, construction and land law

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Many owners of private houses have thought about how to divide their real estate into two and more parts. For example, some resort to this procedure to sell or to live separately with their relatives. The division of the house into two separate ones requires knowledge of the nuances of the current Ukrainian legislation in the field of urban planning. With the help of specialists of our law firm Prykhodko and Partners, we will help you to properly arrange and divide the house into separate parts.

What should be considered in the process of dividing the house?

Before starting the procedure itself, it is worth paying attention to an important point: the ownership of a private house must be registered in a legal way. The plot of land must have its own cadastral number. In addition, the physical possibility of dividing the house into two separate ones is important.

Thus, the following conditions must be met for the division of the house:

  • There are no self-built objects on the plot of land.
  • The land plot and the house belong to the persons by right of ownership, in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation.
  • There is a house and buildings on one plot of land.
  • There is an opportunity to create separate engineering communications and input groups.

If the house meets all the above requirements, the engineer draws up the appropriate conclusion. This conclusion states that a specific house can be divided into two separate ones. In addition, it is additionally indicated which of the parts of the house each of the owners of the new houses will receive.

The next stage is the issuance of a technical passport for individual parts of the building for each of the new real estate owners. On the basis of the collected documents, the conclusion of the technical passport for real estate, the right of ownership is established.

What to do if the house is not legalized?

Ownership of the house is established on the basis of two legal mechanisms:

  • On a legalized house

In this case, the division of the house into two separate ones will require a conclusion on the possibility of division with subsequent registration of the ownership of each of the parts of the house. As a result, each of the houses gets its own address.

  • On a not legalized house

If the house has not been put into operation, the land plot is first distributed. The next stage is the commissioning of individual buildings under separate cadastral numbers.

The second option is more expensive and takes more time. If the house falls under the CC1 category, the construction permit is issued on the basis of the construction passport. This means that first the house, which is not put into operation, is legalized, and only after that – the division of the house together with land plots into two addresses. Thanks to this, you can significantly reduce costs and speed up this procedure.

Therefore, if you plan to divide the house into two separate ones, it is better to use the help of professional lawyers. Specialists of our law firm Prykhodko and Partners will help you divide the house into two separate ones without lengthy bureaucratic delays.

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