Head of migration law practice, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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Representation in the migration service

Petryk Tetiana

Head of migration law practice, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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The Migration Service actively opposes the illegal (в оригинале “легальное пребывание”, но по смыслу не вяжется, поэтому перевела, как “нелегальное”, если всё же правильно легальное, то исправьте на legal) stay and employment of foreigners in Ukraine. At the same time, offenses by foreigners and stateless persons are often a consequence of their legal ignorance, and sometimes even imperfection in the work of the Migration Service.

The rules for staying in Ukraine are violated by foreigners in a number of cases as a result of the failure of the representatives of the State Migration Service to comply with the deadlines for processing the necessary documents. As best case scenario, foreigners are under the threat of a fine, and a temporary ban on entry or deportation at worst.

Areas of work of specialists of the Law Firm Prikhodko & Partners on representation in the State Migration Service

A problematic situation or a dispute with the State Migration Service of Ukraine is a good reason to contact a lawyer. The practice of migration law at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is one of the most successful areas of our company. The accumulated experience helps to get out of a variety of situations with minimal effort.

For your information! There are two areas of work for the representation of foreigners in the State Migration Service:

  • support in the formalizing of a protocol on an administrative offense;
  • administrative appeal against decisions of the State Migration Service – submitting of appeal to a higher territorial or central authority (department).

Features of bringing foreigners to responsibility for violation of migration legislation

Among the violations that entail the execution of the protocol and the imposition of a fine:

exceeding the terms of stay in Ukraine;

residence without permits, on invalid/expired documents;

employment without permission;

violation of the procedure for registration at the place of residence;

evasion from leaving Ukraine after the end of the term of legal stay.

For your information! The imposition of fines for violations of migration legislation is regulated by the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine. The size of fines is connected to the non-taxable minimum income of citizens – UAH 17, and varies up to UAH 8500.

The assistance of a lawyer to a foreigner in case of a problem with the State Migration Service consists in the preparation of the necessary documents and notarized translations, explanations and statements, as well as direct communication with representatives of the Service. The involvement of a legal defender contributes to the appointment of a minimum sanction, the prevention of deportation.

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