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Commissioning of a country house

Residential objects in Ukraine can be legalized only after they are officially put into operation. That is, you must have a document at your disposal – confirmation of the fact that the private building is ready. In order to implement this procedure, the facility is assessed for compliance with sanitary and building regulations.

Country house – a manor-type house, which is used for permanent residence, temporary stay or for recreation throughout the year. This type of property is located outside the settlement, on recreational lands. The intended purpose of such a land plot is “for summer cottage construction”. If you need to commission a country house, use the services of our specialists – PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS lawyers.

What are the features of the procedure for accepting a country house for operation?

To put into operation such an object as a country house, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents provided for by Order No. 158. The obligatory document for submission is the technical passport. It is important to remember that the registration certificate is valid for one year. In the event that the declaration and technical inventory were submitted after this period, the architectural and construction control authorities will return the prepared declaration without registration.

If the country house is not put into operation, it will be classified as “unauthorized construction”, i.e.

  • The building was built on a plot of land, the purpose of which does not allow the construction of the building.
  • The start of construction is not accompanied by a declaration or permission to perform construction work.
  • The construction was carried out with a significant violation of building rules and regulations (Part One of Article 376 of the Civil Code of Ukraine).

Administratively, you can legalize at home:

  1. Built by August 5, 1992.
  2. Built after August 5, 1992.

Important: this rule applies only to individual country houses, the area of \u200b\u200bwhich is up to 300 m2.

Urban planning conditions and restrictions are regulated by the activities of the body of the State Architectural and Construction Control. The period provided for checking the completeness of the data in the declaration is up to 10 working days. Decisions that can be made: registration of the declaration or its return for revision.

The registration number of the declaration will be a confirmation that the facility has been put into operation. Thus, the property owner can apply for registration of ownership.

Types of procedures for putting a country house into operation

For a constructed building, the commissioning procedure may be standard or simplified. It all depends on when the building was built and what area it has. For example, the simplified procedure is applied to buildings that were erected before April 2015.

If the area of the country house is up to 500 m2, the building is commissioned according to the standard scheme. As for the terms of processing documentation, the procedure can last from one to ten weeks.

The following documents will be required to legalize the real estate object:

  • Photocopies of the passport and TIN.
  • Documents on land privatization.
  • Notice of commencement of construction works. This document is issued by the State Inspection of Architecture and Urban Planning.

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Assistance of professional lawyers in the commissioning of a country house

The main danger of using an object that belongs to the “self-build” category is the high risk of being brought to administrative responsibility. Agree, a fine is a rather unpleasant phenomenon. According to the current legislation, it is forbidden to use country houses without their proper commissioning. To implement this procedure, it is necessary to perform several simple steps.

At the same time, the legalization of real estate is a rather complicated process. Serious difficulties may arise when preparing relevant documents on your own.

You do not need to spend precious time and vital energy to put the country house into operation. PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS specialists will do everything for you. We will prepare a package of documents and register the declaration. We provide high-quality professional assistance in solving any problems.

We work individually with each client. Among the advantages of cooperation with us:

  • Transparency.
  • Guarantee of the final result.
  • Convenience of cooperation.

We are waiting for you for a preliminary consultation!

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