Lawyer practicing family law. Specializes in the procedure of separation, reduced alimony, sub-friendship, placement of a child, abrogation of father's rights, separation of father's rights from a rich family. ї, other family and recessionary disputes.

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Claim for property division

Human relationships and life often lead to situations where it becomes necessary to share common property.

If this becomes impossible by agreement, there is a need for a claim for the division of property.

Our law firm “Prikhodko and Partners” offers effective solutions in this matter, providing qualified assistance in drafting and implementing a claim.

What is a claim for property division?

A statement of claim for the division of property is a legal document that is submitted to the court to resolve issues regarding the division of property between parties who have joint rights to this property.

Such a situation may arise in connection with a divorce, breakup of a business partnership, inheritance, or other legal conflicts.

The main purpose of the claim for the division of property is to determine the clear rights and obligations of the parties about joint property and to establish a fair and legal distribution of this property between them.

What are the main nuances when writing a statement of claim for the division of property?

When writing a claim for property division, it is important to consider various legal and factual aspects to ensure clarity and efficiency of the legal process.

Here are some basic nuances to consider:

  1. Identification of parties.
  • Enter complete and accurate information about all parties involved in the case. This includes full name, address and other identifying information.
  1. Property description and valuation.
  • Describe in detail all property to be distributed. Include real estate addresses, chattel descriptions, inventory numbers, bank accounts, and more. Contact an expert institution for an assessment of the value of the property as of the date of the appeal to the court.
  1. Legal grounds.
  • Clearly define the legal basis for the division of property. This can be a divorce, a partnership break, a court order or other circumstances.
  1. Requirements for division.
  • Make specific requirements as to exactly how the property should be divided between the parties. Define criteria and principles of distribution.
  1. The evidence.
  • Indicate any documents or evidence that prove the right to the property and the circumstances that justify the division.
  1. Reference to legislation.
  • Point to relevant articles or sections of legislation that support your claims and determine the legal status of the case.
  1. Deadlines.
  • Determine the time frame and mandatory steps to complete the various stages of the case.
  1. Individual features of the case.
  • Note any unique aspects of your case that may affect the court’s decision.

Taking into account these nuances, the statement of claim for the division of property will be clear, understandable, and as effective as possible to protect your rights in the legal process. Contact legal experts for advice and support in drafting such documents.

Basic principles of property division

Division of property — it is a complex process that requires various factors to be taken into account and key principles to be followed to achieve a fair and efficient outcome.

Here are some basic principles of property division:

  1. Equity is a key principle in the division of property. Each party should have equal access to the property and receive a fair share according to their rights and contribution to the creation of that property.
  2. When dividing property, it is necessary to respect the legal rights of each party. This includes taking into account marriage or business agreements, existing laws and other relevant regulations.
  3. When deciding on the division of property, it is important to analyze in detail all factors, such as the financial status of the parties, their contributions to the creation of the property, the duration of the marriage or partnership, and other circumstances.
  4. One of the key principles is effective dispute resolution. Mediation or other methods of alternative conflict resolution can help the parties reach mutual assistance and avoid lengthy and costly litigation.
  5. In cases where family separation takes place, it is important to consider the interests of the children. Property division should ensure stability and provision for children, which are important requirements in resolving such cases.

Help from our company

Our law firm has experience in successfully resolving property division cases.

We offer:

  1. Expert analysis of the situation.
  • A deep analysis of the facts and circumstances underlying the claim.
  1. Legal support.
  • Professional support at all stages of the court process, including preparation of documents and representation of the client’s interests.
  1. Individual approach.
  • Development of a strategy for solving a specific case, taking into account the needs and wishes of the client.

Choose our company for efficient and professional resolution of property division issues.

We are ready to help you in important legal matters, providing competent and individual support. Our help will give you confidence and faith in the principle of justice.

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Lawyer practicing family law. Specializes in the procedure of separation, reduced alimony, sub-friendship, placement of a child, abrogation of father's rights, separation of father's rights from a rich family. ї, other family and recessionary disputes.

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