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An Iryna

Head of Commercial and Civil Law Practice

Lawyer, specialist in intellectual property. Specializes in registration and protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, as well as development of intellectual property transfer agreements, license agreements.

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Register copyright on poems

Copyright in Ukraine is a guarantor of protection and recognition of creativity. In the world of poetry, where every word counts, the registration of copyright on poems becomes an important stage to ensure the legal integrity and recognition of the work. In this article, we will consider the process of registering copyrights for poems in Ukraine and invite you to contact us, “Prykhodko and Partners”, for qualified legal support of this process.

Copyright is a legal mechanism for the protection of intellectual property. Ukrainian legislation, in particular the Law “On Copyright and Related Rights”, defines the rights and obligations of creators.


The Importance of Copyright Registration for Poems: Protection and Recognition of Creativity

Copyright is an important legal tool for creators, especially in the case of poems and poetry. Copyrighting your poems can be critical to protecting your work and giving it recognition. Below are some of the key reasons why it is important to copyright your poems.

  • Legal protection

Copyright registration creates legal backing for your work. In case of infringement or illegal use of your poems, having a registration allows you to effectively go to court and demand compensation.

  • Recognition of creative work

Copyright registration is a way to get recognition for your creative efforts. A certificate of registration is an official document confirming your status as an author and copyright owner.

  • Commercial opportunities

Registered copyright makes your poems more attractive for commercial and publishing deals. They become a valuable asset that can be sold, licensed or used in commercial projects.

  • Protection against unauthorized use

Copyright registration allows you to effectively protect your poems from unauthorized use. You have the right to control where, how and when your work can be used and to seek compensation for infringement of those rights.

  • Protection against plagiarism

Registered copyrights establish your authorship and make your creative contributions known. This is important to avoid plagiarism and to protect you from misuse of your work.

Selection “Prykhodko and partners”

Our law firm, “Prykhodko and Partners”, stands guard over your creativity and rights. We offer a full range of services regarding the registration of copyrights for poems.

Our advantages:

  • Legal support. We will provide professional support at all stages of registration.
  • Individual approach. We understand the uniqueness of each poem and are ready to provide a personalized service.
  • Speed and efficiency. We guarantee a fast and efficient registration process, allowing you to enjoy the security of your creativity faster.

Protect your creativity with “Prykhodko and partners”

Your poems are unique and personal creations. With “Prykhodko and partners” you will receive not only legal protection, but also a partner ready to support you in this creative path. Contact us today to ensure your creativity is safe and recognized.


Other services of “Prykhodko and Partners”

In addition to copyright registration, we offer other services that may be important to creative individuals.

  • Legalization of the use of the work

We help you control the use of your poem. By providing advice and drafting legal documents, we ensure that you know where and how your work is being used.

  • Protection against violations

If you encounter a situation of violation of your copyright, “Prykhodko and partners” come to your defense. We will study the circumstances, develop a strategy and represent your interests in court.

  • Maintenance of agreements and licenses

If you wish to set the conditions for the use of your poem by other persons or organizations, our lawyers will help to conclude license agreements and ensure your rights.

  • Copyright in other countries

If you intend to distribute your works outside of Ukraine, our company will help with copyright registration in other countries, ensuring protection at the international level.

  • Effective monitoring of rights protection

After successful copyright registration, we offer effective monitoring services. Our team is constantly analyzing the market and monitoring any possible violations of the use of your poem. This will ensure prompt response to any wrongdoing and protection of your work.

  • Consultations on intellectual property

Our team of intellectual property lawyers is ready to provide advice on all issues related to copyright protection. We will help you understand your rights, define a defense strategy and provide the necessary legal support.

Protecting your creativity is our priority

Our team is ready to be your legal allies in protecting your creativity. With “Prykhodko and partners” you will receive not only highly qualified legal support, but also a partner who understands the value and uniqueness of your poem.

Our legal team is ready to provide a full range of services to protect your talent and rights. We believe that every work deserves recognition and protection, and we are ready to be your reliable partners along the way.
Contact “Prykhodko and partners” – protect your creativity with us!

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An Iryna
Head of Commercial and Civil Law Practice

Lawyer, specialist in intellectual property. Specializes in registration and protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, as well as development of intellectual property transfer agreements, license agreements.

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