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Petryk Tetiana

Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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Migration law is a rather complex branch of jurisprudence that requires a thoughtful approach and competence. When it comes to interaction with the State Migration Service in Ukraine or solving migration issues abroad, you need high-quality legal support from truly professional specialists. These are the kind of professionals we have in the team of the Prikhodko&Partners law bureau. We specialize in issues related to migration law, from representation in the State Migration Service to support of the procedure for leaving for permanent residence abroad. The range of issues in which a migration lawyer helps is quite wide. We invite you to consider them in more detail.


In what cases are the services of a lawyer in migration law relevant?

So, these could be the following situations:


Registration of a residence permit in Ukraine. This is relevant for many foreigners seeking to legally reside in Ukraine. Residence permits can be temporary or permanent. When it comes to a permanent residence permit, it, of course, has much more benefits. This residence permit allows you to live freely in Ukraine without time restrictions. There are also no restrictions regarding entry and exit from our country. At the same time, indefinite residence in Ukraine will not require a person to renounce the citizenship of his own homeland. This is relevant for many who marry a citizen of Ukraine and want to live here, but at the same time do not want to lose political and legal ties with the country of their citizenship. This is also a great opportunity for those who have been working here for a long time.


Protection of the rights of foreigners in Ukraine. This large category of requests concerns a wide variety of situations. When a person needs legal awareness outside his own country, it is difficult for him to independently navigate the norms of local legislation and search for and work out the necessary regulations. So in such a situation, legal support becomes relevant. It starts with a consultation and then evolves to suit your specific request. For example, this could be representation in interaction with the State Migration Service or in court, if otherwise it is not possible to solve a particular problem.


Immigration to the USA or European countries. During war, Ukrainians often look for an opportunity to find a safer place to live, where they can take a break from air raids and shelling. And some lived in a city or village where active hostilities are now taking place and there is nowhere to return. So the issue of moving and high-quality adaptation to a new country is very acute in many cases. If this is your situation, consider seeking legal support from a team that regularly deals with these types of client requests and knows what to do in these situations.


Legal support for the acquisition of real estate and opening a business by foreigners in Ukraine. In such matters, high-quality legal support is very important, which helps to achieve the most profitable deals and protect yourself from many pitfalls.

Individual interaction options have been listed above. These are frequently requested services. However, in fact, migration law is so broad that it is not possible to list everything at once.

Where does the interaction between a migration lawyer and a client begin?

In the vast majority of situations, cooperation begins with an initial legal consultation. It exists so that you can orient a specialist in your situation, and he can analyze it, assess the prospects and offer effective and realistic support strategies.


In many cases, clients only need counseling. This applies to those situations where you need to understand the legal framework governing a certain issue that is relevant to a person. This can be difficult to do on your own, so a good lawyer can help effectively. Indeed, legal awareness of specific issues related to the practical aspects of your life helps you better navigate how to act in the legal field in situations that are significant to you.

However, in most cases, interaction with a migration lawyer is not limited to just a consultation, but continues in the format of support. And this greatly simplifies interaction with many government bodies and authorized persons.

Do you need legal advice or assistance from a migration lawyer? Our immigration law lawyer is ready to provide you with advice and offer legal support for your case. Fill out the form on our website and our lawyer will call you shortly.

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Petryk Tetiana
Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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