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As in any field of activity, questions arise that require a legal solution. And the sphere of economic relations is no exception. After all, things can not always go smoothly.

No one is immune from unscrupulous partners, or even force majeure. For this, a reliable partner is needed who can help if necessary. And there are also cases when, when carrying out activities, it is necessary to obtain professional advice from a specialist.

When should you contact a business lawyer?

It is worth noting here that there is no red flag when the help of a specialist is definitely needed. For the skin, this situation is individual. But it is worth highlighting the list of the most common cases.

  • If you need to get legal advice regarding the conduct of business or any other issue that requires a legal solution.
  • If you need to analyze an agreement or other transaction from the legal side and provide it with a legal assessment.
  • When you need to prepare a claim or a response to it for the supply or shortage of goods, or the fulfillment of another contract.
  • For the use of mediation and the possibility of settling a dispute out of court.
  • When assistance is needed to represent interests in the judiciary or before state or local government bodies.
  • To control the implementation of court decisions.
  • To obtain licenses, patents or other documents that are necessary for the implementation of economic activities.
  • And in other cases.

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What will be the benefit of contacting a lawyer in commercial disputes?

First of all, an appeal to a lawyer for economic affairs will clarify the situation of the situation. After analyzing a specific question, a specialist in economic affairs can suggest options for its solution and ways to protect violated rights and interests.

With the development of information technologies, the help of a lawyer in economic matters can be obtained not only in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine. After all, consultations can be provided both orally and in writing.

Also, do not forget that contacting a lawyer or attorney for commercial disputes is worth it on time. Indeed, in the field of economic activity, timing also plays an important role. So, the period for filing a claim with a party is usually limited to 10 days from the moment, for example, non-receipt of the entire quantity of goods under a supply agreement. Or if the product was received of inadequate quality, then in accordance with Art. 231 of the Commercial Code of Ukraine, the period for going to court is 6 months from the date of receipt of such goods. If you miss the specified period, then later it is much more difficult to defend your position and protect violated rights and interests.

So, if there is a need for legal assistance, contact and use all possible legal instruments so that business activities bring only pleasure.

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