Family reunification visa in Germany

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Family reunification visa in Germany

A visa to Germany, which is issued for the purpose of family reunification, is available in various cases. This applies not only to the second spouse, but also to a number of other situations. For example, such a visa is issued if the plans include marriage with a German citizen and residence in this country. It is also available in situations where minor children are reunited with their parents. For the reunification of a parent with a child who is a German citizen, such a visa is also available. In some cases, it is issued for the purpose of reuniting other family members.

If you are interested in more detailed advice on the prospects for obtaining this visa in your particular case, you can order the service from our lawyers. We also provide legal support in such client requests. You can get really high-quality help and not have to think about how to independently study a large array of migration legislation and contact authorized bodies where a representative can do this for you.


What documents are needed to obtain a visa?

When it comes to a visa issued on the basis of family reunification, the complete and accurate list of documents will depend on the specific situation. Let’s consider, for example, what documents are needed in cases of reunification with a second spouse. So this is:

  • The application form stating that you want to obtain a visa has been correctly filled out.
  • Photo (we focus in detail on the requirements for photographs).
  • Foreign and internal passport of the applicant.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • A copy of the passport or identity card of the second spouse living in Germany. If the second spouse is not a German citizen, but has the citizenship of another country, but legally resides in Germany, a copy of the relevant document certifying the residence permit is required.
  • A statement of intention to live together has been written and duly certified by the second spouse living in Germany.
  • A document confirming that the applicant knows German at a level not lower than A1.
  • Medical insurance.

If the applicant has experience in previous marriages, then documents confirming their termination are required. If the applicant’s partner is not a German citizen but resides legally there, his financial status and residence must be confirmed.

As already noted, the full list of documents for a visa based on family reunification depends on the specific situation. Yes, if we are talking about the reunification of minor children with their parents in Germany, you need a birth certificate of the child. If only one parent is the child’s guardian, then documents such as:

  • Death certificate of the second parent, if the child is half-orphan.
  • A court decision confirming that the second parent is deprived of parental rights, if such a fact occurred.

When we talk about the entry into Germany of a child over 16 years old, then in this case a document is also required confirming that he speaks German at level C1.

Is this visa available for other family members?

If we are talking about issuing this visa not for the reunification of spouses or parents with minor children, then if it is granted to other relatives there must be circumstances of particular gravity. For example, this applies to situations where one of the family members needs vital assistance (for example, there is a need to care for a person who has a disability or needs support due to a serious mental condition). In each of these cases, the relevant incidents are documented.


How can we be useful?

Migration law specialists of the Prikhodko & Partners law firm are ready to help their clients in resolving issues related to a visa to Germany on the basis of family reunification. We provide high-quality and comprehensive consultations so that you can fully understand this issue and do not need to independently research the legislation. We also offer legal support for visa applications. Contact us – high-quality legal support makes life much easier.

To get advice or order a service on a family reunification visa in Germany, fill out the form on the website and our lawyer will contact you shortly.

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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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