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Registration of inheritance

Mykolaieva Yulia

Head of the family practice department

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Registration of inheritance

After the death of a loved one, for a certain time, you can lose control over your emotions and even fall into a state of depression. But at the same time, everyone can not ignore the registration of the inheritance, so as not to regret later about the material benefits that have “flowed through their fingers”.

Inheritance services are provided by lawyers and lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm. We are ready to help you in a difficult period for you from an emotional point of view. Appropriate legal advice in many cases helps to avoid litigation and material losses.

What is legal assistance in legacy registration?

During the first communication with a client, a lawyer clarifies the fundamental points:

  • Are you going to formalize the inheritance by will or is the person claiming inheritance by law?
  • Has the heir submitted the application to the notary on time?
  • If there are any difficulties, what are they?

For your information! With the death of an individual (testator), his legal capacity is terminated and an inheritance is opened. Ukrainian legislation provides for the possibility of accepting inheritance in two ways:

  • taking actual actions to manage / own inherited property;
  • submission of an application to a notary and registration of inheritance rights at the place of residence of the testator.

The actual acceptance of the inheritance without registering the ownership of the new owner does not provide an opportunity to sell, lease, exchange or donate the property. So, the paperwork for inheritance is not a matter of choice, but a necessity.
Registration of inheritance for land, house, apartment, car, bank deposits with the support of a lawyer provides for:

Consultations at all stages until the moment when the required result is achieved – the registration of property rights by inheritance is made.

Registration of inheritance through the court, including the elimination of heirs who do not have the right to inherit, the establishment of an additional period for filing an application to a notary, invalidation of the will, and so on.

Appealing against actions / decisions / inaction of a notary, including refusal to accept an application, which makes it impossible to formalize inheritance rights (certificates of inheritance rights).

Establishment in court of facts of legal significance (for example, kinship, cohabitation with one family, being dependent), which in the future makes it possible to formalize the inheritance.

Division of property between the heirs, including – drawing up a notarial agreement on the division of property or accompanying the legal process, allocating the share of the heir in kind or supporting the process of obtaining compensation for the corresponding share in the property.

What is the cost of notary services when registering an inheritance?

Under any circumstances, certain funds will have to be spent on notary services, regardless of whether a lawyer is involved in the case. Based on the number of inquiries on the Internet such as “opening of an inheritance case value”, “inheritance case price” or “opening an inheritance case price”, there is little explanation regarding this aspect.

Important! There are no uniform tariffs for registration of inheritance with a notary in Ukraine. When a succession case is opened, the cost of notary services can be formed as follows:

  • if it is a private notary, the cost of registration of the inheritance is set out according to the price list or by agreement with the person concerned;
  • If it is a public notary, the price of inheritance registration is made up of separate payments – state. fees for notarial acts, admin. fees for registration of rights, cost of forms, services of a technical nature, and so on.

For your information! When there is a need to formalize an inheritance, the price of notary services is far from the most important issue. It is much more important to choose a reliable notary to go through the entire procedure without any problems. An inheritance case is not transferred from one notary to another.

How is the registration of an apartment by inheritance carried out with the support of a lawyer?

For your information! If you are a potential heir, do not postpone securing the inheritance for later. In such a legal procedure as formalizing an inheritance, timing is very important. The first steps you should take is to contact a lawyer and submit your application to a notary. Only 6 months are given by law to appeal to a notary from the date of death of the testator.

In the absence of problematic and controversial issues, the registration of an inheritance for an apartment includes the following stages:


Submitting an application to a notary.



Issuance by a notary of a certificate of the right to inheritance.



Registration of ownership of an apartment by inheritance.


This is an ideal scheme that only works in some cases. Often the registration of an apartment in ownership by inheritance is a process that is associated with disputes between heirs and other problematic moments.

For example:

  • registration of an apartment under a will does not go smoothly if other heirs are trying to challenge the will – to recognize the testator’s order in case of death invalid;
  • registration of ownership of an apartment by inheritance requires a number of additional steps if there are no / lost documents of title to this property;
  • registration of an inheritance for an apartment by will becomes the reason for litigation, if the interests of persons who have the right to claim a compulsory share are not taken into account.

An experienced lawyer will find solutions to solve these and other problems. But the implementation of this or that action plan will require additional investment of time and money. If it is a complex registration of an inheritance for an apartment, the cost cannot be standard.

For your information! The list of services provided by Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm also includes registration of a share of an apartment by inheritance. The point is that in the presence of several heirs, the apartment is the object of the right of common joint ownership. In order to freely dispose of your part of the property, you must go through the procedure for dividing / allocating a share in kind.

What services does the registration of a turnkey inheritance include in Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm?

It is not always possible to use “package” legal services to resolve the issue of inheritance. In each case, it is necessary to take into account its own nuances and possible complications. Therefore, for queries “inheritance registration cost” or “inheritance registration cost” you will see only an approximate figure. Only a lawyer will be able to more accurately determine the amount of costs after preliminary acquaintance with your circumstances.

The inheritance price for the provision of complex services to the client in our company includes:

  • preparation of all necessary documents and filling out forms;
  • preparation and sending of inquiries, receipt of archival references;
  • support of notarial actions and registration procedures;
  • drawing up a statement of claim and other procedural documents for the court;
  • participation in court hearings in the case.

For your information! Registration of a land plot in ownership by inheritance may provide for the passage of a rather complicated procedure for assigning a cadastral number to a plot and entering into the Register of property rights to real estate. For this, technical documentation for the land plot is prepared, and only after its approval in the relevant institutions, the land plot is assigned a cadastral number. If available, the notary issues a certificate of inheritance rights to the heir.

Registration of ownership of the house by inheritance in the state. The registry may preliminarily require the restoration of documents of title to this house. Not all real estate objects in our country are included in the Register of Real Rights to Real Estate, which has been used since 2013. However, paper documents (sales contracts, certificates of privatization, and so on) are often lost.

In the absence of such documents, the registration of a house into ownership by inheritance includes obtaining duplicates or recognizing the ownership of inherited property in court.


To formalize an inheritance by will or by law, you must not miss the deadline for submitting an application to a notary and comply with all the requirements established by law. Registration of real estate by inheritance does not always go smoothly, since there are often several applicants for the property or there are not enough documents in the set.

If the execution of the inheritance by will is to be done, the timing is also important. It is about six months to file an application with a notary, just like inheritance by law. However, if the six-month period for its extension is missed, the court may take into account the heir’s ignorance of the existence of the will as a valid reason.

The cost of inheritance by will or by law may include a number of additional costs. Therefore, if it is planned to formalize the inheritance, the price will be indicated by a lawyer only after clarifying the circumstances of the case.

Take care of your strength and nerves! Entrust the registration of inheritance without a will or by will to the specialists of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm.

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