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Legal services

Legal services in Kiev

Even by strictly adhering to the letter of the law in private life and in business, it is impossible to guarantee 100% absence of legal problems. Everyone needs legal services from time to time. At the same time, it is very important that such services are provided by professionals.Prikhodko Andrey

Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is a team of qualified and experienced professionals who offer legal services in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. In addition to working in the office, as well as in various instances of the capital, the services of a lawyer in Kiev include work online, up to participation in court sessions remotely.

Legal services of the firm for individuals

Among the strong areas in the work of our company that can be rightfully proud of are the practice of family law, the practice of immigration law, the practice of real estate and construction, as well as criminal and judicial practice.

Most of our clients come to us on the recommendation of friends. At the same time, we willingly help people who go to the company’s website for inquiries on the Internet: “Law Firm Services”, “Law Firm Ukraine”, “Legal Assistance Price” and “Law Firm Services”.

Important! Legal assistance is provided within the framework of consulting, working with documents and representing the interests of clients (principals).

Services of a lawyer in consulting clients can receive:

orally – legal advice in Kiev in our office by appointment;
written – expert conclusions on specific legal issues;
online – communication in messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram) or by e-mail.

Legal assistance, legal services for working with documents include:

drawing up statements of claim, complaints, petitions and other procedural documents;

submission of requests for information and legal inquiries;

development of contracts (purchase and sale, donation, and so on);

examination of a wide variety of legal documents, including documents of title confirming ownership.

* Note: legal services, legal assistance in the framework of work with documents and collection of information about an object/person includes the search for information in state registers.

A citizen of Ukraine or a foreigner/stateless person can order the services of a lawyer of our company in order to protect their interests when interacting with state bodies – the executive service, the migration service, the Civil Registry Office, the tax service, state bodies. authorities and local government. If a lawyer comes to the rescue, the services can be an appeal against the actions/decisions/inaction of the subjects of power.

The services of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm for individuals include representation of interests in court, including when appealing the decisions of the courts of first instance in the appeal procedure and in the Supreme Court. You can order legal services from us in order to defend your rights in property, family, labor, credit and other disputes.

For your information! If you order legal services from us, the lawyers of our company can protect your interests at all stages of the criminal process. In particular, we are talking about support at the stage of pre-trial investigation (interrogations, investigative experiments, searches, and so on).

Legal assistance for business

We know how often entrepreneurs enter into the search line on the Internet queries such as “legal services Kiev”, “Kiev legal services”, and “services of a lawyer Kiev”. Often, such a search is carried out in a hurry, since the problem has already arisen and it must be resolved urgently (for example, inspectors from the tax office or State Labor Service are on the doorstep).

Important! If you need a lawyer, legal services, we are ready to help you as quickly as possible. However, our priority is for regular customers. We recommend that you conclude a subscription service (outsourcing) agreement with our company so that at any time (by phone call) the necessary service is received.

Our law firm in the city of Kiev works for business representatives in such areas as:

  • support of registration/re-registration of a company;
  • Due Diligence of counterparties and transactions (including such a service – legal verification of an investment project);
  • resolution of economic, corporate, tax, customs disputes;
  • consulting services – legal opinions on the practical application of legislation, tax optimization and other legal services (you can order taking into account the specifics of the company’s activities);
  • support of contractual activities (if this task is performed by our lawyers, legal services cover the entire life cycle of business contracts up to the resolution of disputes over unfulfilled obligations in court).

We invite you to browse our website: legal services are conveniently sorted by industry and practice. If our lawyers come to your aid, the services will be guaranteed of the highest quality. Constantly analyzing legal services in Kiev, we strive to offer our clients legal support of the highest level.

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