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Establishing or challenging paternity

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Challenging paternity

Disputes over the origin of children are always accompanied by conflicts and ambiguous conclusions, which can be misinterpreted without legal support. To clearly clarify an important issue, it is worth starting a legal challenge to paternity in Ukraine. A competent family lawyer will help you collect the necessary documents and refute the formal origin of the child.

Why do you need a family lawyer when challenging paternity?

Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm has been dealing with family disputes for several years and knows that establishing and challenging paternity is one of the most exciting and complex issues in court practice.

The need to involve a family lawyer arises if the person began to doubt the origin of the children. As a general rule, if the child was born in a marriage, the official husband of the wife will be recorded as the father (Article 136 of the Family Code of Ukraine). It is this default rule that must be challenged. The issue of the origin of children outside of marriage is also particularly acute, when a person has registered himself as a father by mutual consent. In such situations, only a trial will help to draw an unambiguous conclusion.

Similarly, the opposite situation is also relevant – the establishment of paternity by the court. If the biological father has relinquished parental responsibilities, and another person wishes to take on the duty of raising children, then it can be recorded in the qualities of the father.

A competent family lawyer in the case of challenging paternity in Ukraine will help:


prepare an application to the court;




assign a genetic examination;




collect the necessary documents;




record the circumstances in which the applicant began to doubt the origin of the children.



A lawyer for establishing paternity will help to draw unambiguous conclusions on an exciting issue and get rid of alimony obligations if the child was born from another man.

How will the trial go?

The denial of paternity with the help of a competent representative takes place in several stages:

  • The court considers the submitted package of documents and appoints a court session.
  • The lawyer presents the evidence in the case and requests the appointment of a genetic examination.
  • Based on the information received, a court decision is made to challenge paternity.

With the support of a representative from the law firm “Prikhodko and Partners”, the necessary decision on challenging paternity will be made. As a result of the court decision, a person gets the opportunity to exclude information about himself in the act record of the birth of a child.

In some cases, the reverse procedure may also be required – the judicial establishment of paternity. In this situation, documentary evidence and the desire of the person to take on the responsibilities of raising children come to the fore. A family lawyer will help you enter information about the person in the documents and get a positive court decision to establish paternity.

If you want to find out the true origin of the children with a 100% probability, then contact Prikhodko and Partners.

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