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Labor Law

Labor law in Ukraine is a branch of law that regulates relations between employees and employers. Occupational health and safety, working conditions, labor relations and social guarantees are only a few aspects covered by this sphere. Our legal team offers a full range of labor law services aimed at protecting the interests of both employees and employers.

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Protection of workers’ rights

At our law firm, we pay special attention to the protection of the rights of employees, considering every aspect of labor law with maximum detail and great professionalism. Our mission is not only to justify rights, but also to create precedents for the development of fair and moral labor relations.Illegal dismissal and restoration of employees.

  • Our lawyers effectively protect the rights of employees who have become the object of illegal dismissal. We make every effort to restore them to work and restore violated rights.

Payments of wages and compensations.

  • Providing legal assistance in considering issues related to wages and compensation, we analyze in detail every element of financial interactions between the employee and employer, providing fair and legal payments.

Protection against discrimination and improper circumvention of the law.

  • Our lawyers are ready to protect employees from any form of discrimination, be it from the point of view of gender, age, race or other circumstances. . We carefully investigate situations and develop strategies to resolve these discriminatory cases.

Health and labor safety.

  • We study and evaluate working conditions from the point of view of safety and health of employees. If safety standards are violated, we help claim compensation and take measures to improve working conditions.

Labor contracts and working conditions.

  • We study and evaluate the terms of employment contracts, ensuring their compliance with legislation and protecting the interests of employees when concluding, changing or terminating an employment contract .

Representation in bodies and judicial institutions.

  • Our team is ready to provide professional representation in employment agencies and courts at all stages of a labor dispute. We know how to effectively interact with the relevant authorities and achieve a positive result for our clients.

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Labor disputes and litigation

In the world of dynamic labor relations, labor disputes become an integral part of corporate life. Our law firm offers advanced services for the resolution of labor conflicts, providing a comprehensive approach and effective strategies in court proceedings.

Alternative dispute resolution methods.

  • Before the matter goes to trial, we study the possibilities of alternative methods of resolving labor disputes. Mediation, negotiations and arbitration are effective tools that allow you to reach a compromise without the need to spend time and resources on a long-term legal process.

Representation in arbitration and mediation.

  • Having many years of experience in representing parties in arbitration cases and mediation processes, our team provides a high level of expertise and the ability to resolve labor disputes . in non-procedural formats.

Court representation.

  • In those cases when litigation becomes inevitable, our qualified lawyers are ready to represent your interests in courts at all levels – local to appellate. We carefully develop strategies, study the evidence and ensure a high level of professionalism at every stage of the legal process.

Review of collective cases and group claims.

  • In situations where the labor dispute concerns not only an individual employee, but also a group of employees, we are ready to conduct collective and group cases . lawsuits This makes it possible to effectively protect the rights of a whole category of employees.

Expert analysis of labor relations.

  • Our lawyers conduct a detailed analysis of labor relations, revealing all possible aspects of the conflict. This allows us to develop individual and effective strategies for solving complex labor cases.

Training and consulting.

  • We do not limit ourselves only to solving cases in court. Our firm offers training and consulting for employers and employees with the aim of preventing labor conflicts and identifying optimal solutions even before they arise.

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We understand that labor disputes can become a great stress for both employees and employers. Our goal is not only to win cases, but also to ensure fair and harmonious labor relations. Contact us, and we will be grateful for the opportunity to help you solve any labor issues.

Our team of lawyers is ready to help you in all matters related to labor law in Ukraine. We work to protect your rights and create a favorable working environment in Ukraine.

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