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Ugrin Svyatoslav

Head of problem debt practice, criminal lawyer

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Remove the arrest from the apartment

Ugrin Svyatoslav

Head of problem debt practice, criminal lawyer

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How to remove an arrest from an apartment?

In legal practice, the term “arrest” is customary to denote an encumbrance that

imposed on property in order to prevent its sale or change of ownership

in some other way. If you have a need to remove the arrest from the apartment,

the price of the issue will depend on the circumstances that caused this


At Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm you can count on

operational analysis of your situation, development and implementation of the optimal plan

actions to remove the arrest from the apartment. Our experience is your advantage in solving

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How does a lawyer act if it is necessary to remove the arrest from the property?

The purpose of the lawyer’s actions in such cases is to obtain a document confirming

the fact of lifting the arrest:

● a court decision;

● decisions of the executor on the completion of enforcement proceedings.

Based on these documents, appropriate changes are made to the State. registry

property rights to real estate.

Important! The specific algorithm of actions of a lawyer on the way to remove the arrest from

property (apartment or house) depends on who exactly and for what reason it was

it was decided to arrest the property.

Among similar reasons:

● availability of debt;

● litigation over the division of property between former spouses or


● pre-trial investigation of a criminal case.

What should be done to remove the arrest?

If the reason for the arrest of the apartment is a debt, then this debt must be paid off.

Alternatively, you should agree with the lender on debt restructuring, or

other options for getting out of the situation.

For your information! Possible options for dealing with debt today

– refinancing, debt redemption through third parties, prolongation, and so on.

When the task is to remove the arrest from the apartment, the price is formed on the basis of those steps

which will have to be done. Examples of similar steps:

1) violations were revealed in the actions / decisions of the contractor, which makes it possible

file a complaint with a higher GIS body (accordingly, this may be

justification for canceling the seizure order);

2) it is proved that there is no need to secure the claim by way of seizure

to the apartment;

3) it is proved that there is no need to seize the apartment during

conducting investigative actions or during a trial in a criminal case.

To remove the arrest from the apartment without delay and without unnecessary worries, please contact

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