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Kovalev Artem

Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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Withdrawal from the international wanted list of Interpol

Kovalev Artem
Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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Interpol, or the International Police Organization, is an international organization that works with police agencies around the world to fight crime. The main goal of Interpol is to ensure cooperation between countries in matters of law and order and security of citizens.


When can a person be wanted by Interpol?

  • Crimes that pose a threat to international security. Interpol intervenes in cases where the crime is of an international nature and may pose a threat to the security of citizens of different countries. This can include crimes such as terrorism, human, drug and arms trafficking, cybercrime, international corruption, etc.
  • Crimes that violate international agreements. If a person has committed a crime that violates international treaties or agreements, Interpol can be involved in searching for that person. Examples can be financial fraud, crimes against the environment, anti-corruption violations with international repercussions, etc.
  • Human rights violations, including crimes against humanity. Interpol intervenes when there are allegations of human rights crimes that have a serious international dimension. This can include crimes against humanity, war crimes or genocide, and if a person is suspected of committing such crimes, they can be marked for international wanted.
  • Figures who evade prosecution in their own country. If a person is fleeing prosecution in their country and trying to avoid responsibility, they may be wanted by Interpol. In such cases, an international search can be used to force a person to return to their country for judicial investigation and legal issues.

What are the consequences of a search in Interpol?

A search by Interpol can have serious consequences for a person who has become the object of a search. Some of the possible consequences include:

  • Detention and extradition to another country.
  • Restrictions on the ability to travel.
  • Damage to a person’s reputation and attitude.
  • Loss of job and social status.


How to get out of Interpol’s wanted list?

Withdrawal from Interpol’s international wanted list is a complex and thorough process that requires appropriate legal support. The main steps to get off the wanted list include:

  • You should immediately contact a qualified attorney or law firm experienced in matters involving Interpol. Professional legal support will be key to an effective resolution of the situation and removal from the wanted list.
  • Your attorney or law firm should work with you to thoroughly review the validity and legality of the search. They must find out whether the evidence and grounds for the search meet all international standards and laws. This is an important step in determining the possibility of removal from the wanted list.
  • Based on the investigation of the legality of the search, your attorney develops a strategy to remove the search. This strategy may include interaction with law enforcement agencies, lawyers of other countries, as well as Interpol itself. It is important to carefully plan all actions.
  • After developing a strategy, your lawyer submits appropriate requests to Interpol and the judicial authorities in the country where you are wanted. These requests may include evidence and arguments that support your innocence or show that the search is unreasonable.
  • It is important to actively collaborate with legal teams and law enforcement during the expungement process. This may include discussing strategy, presenting additional evidence, and following all procedural rules.
  • The removal process may take some time. It is important to constantly monitor the development of events and update the strategy in accordance with new circumstances.

In general, being removed from an international wanted list through Interpol is a complex and lengthy process that requires great attention to detail and professional support. It is important to have experienced lawyers on your side who can lead your case and help you protect your rights and interests.

Our law firm will help in this matter

Our law firm “Prykhodko and Partners” has many years of experience in working with clients who are wanted internationally by Interpol. We are ready to provide you with professional support at all stages of the removal process and protect your rights and interests.

If you find yourself in a situation where your name has appeared on the Interpol register, please contact us immediately and we will provide you with appropriate support and advice on how to withdraw from the wanted list. Your safety and freedom is our priority.
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